Zero-Trust isn’t about a Bad Relationship


Tech Talk On-Demand

Length: 30 min.


Zero-trust is a valuable component of a multilayered security framework. It ensures administrators and users are authenticated and authorized, preventing external and internal threats to your environment.

With the increased risk overall to businesses around the globe, the need to implement secure authentication, authorization, and accounting regardless of the traffic source has increased. The risk of internal threats has increased by greater than 45% in the past two years. Also, the sophistication of the “bad guys” continues to evolve. During the last week of September, a notable ransomware group focused on compromising backup data sets by targeting and controlling the backup administrator passwords.

Commvault’s zero-trust approach is a simple yet comprehensive architecture that others can’t match. It includes:

  • Multifactor authentication for advanced login security
  • Integration with secured third-party LDAP-based directory services
  • Fine-grained authorization to control the access level
  • Accounting of user access and actions through reports and alerting
  • Integration with industry-leading Privileged Access Management platforms such as CyberArk.

Learn how to improve your security with zero trust and easily implement it in your Commvault environment.