What’s The Biggest Worry Around Cloud Backup And Recovery? Risk

By Penny Gralewski

When it comes to cloud backup and recovery, what topic worries your organization the most? For 79 percent of you, the worries focus on risk.

In the scenarios that worry you the most, risk – and rapid recovery from that risk – is a big concern for IT leaders.

Cloud backup and recovery is top of mind in turbulent times.

In a recent survey of Commvault cloud customers*, we asked “When it comes to cloud data protection, what topic worries your organization the most?”

The top answers point to situations where the organization is exposed to risk:

  • Thirty-six percent of respondents were concerned about disaster recovery. Whether it’s from a natural disaster like a hurricane or flood, or something more common like failed hardware, disaster recovery is top of mind.
  • Twenty-six percent of respondents were worried about cloud data breaches. While the public clouds have tremendous security, protecting your cloud data and workloads is your responsibility.
  • Seventeen percent had ransomware top of mind. Ongoing cyberattacks range from holding data captive to burning down servers, so IT professionals are concerned about ransomware.

The 79 percent number summarizes the top three responses, which all involve the common problem of risk.

Does your current cloud backup and recovery tool really reduce risk?

When it comes to risk events, you are not doing enough with just native cloud tools or point solutions.  

Native cloud providers do help data and workloads to stay persistent online and usable, but their current tools are not necessarily designed to meet enterprise data recovery SLAs. Many native tools require manual processes, recipes to follow and authoring of scripts. Native tools often require human intervention, which can lead to human errors like data exposure or process failure.

Point backup products often have recovery challenges. If your backup product requires you to recover an entire virtual machine in order to obtain one file, you are doing too much work and wasting time.

Other point products don’t recover data in a usable format. In a risk event, the goal of rapid recovery is to be able to use the data right away. Why jeopardize your business with inadequate recovery processes?

Rest soundly with Commvault cloud backup and recovery of cloud data and workloads

Commvault customers have more peace of mind. Commvault Complete™ Backup and Recovery streamlines cloud backup and recovery workflows. Helping to reduce risk, Commvault Complete helps with error checking, job restart-ability and the immediate verification that a backup worked.

With Commvault software, data and workloads are recovered in a usable format, making data immediately available to your users. Enterprises can deliver granular RTO and RPOs from cloud and on-premises resources. In disaster recovery or ransomware situations, Commvault customers can recover individual files, applications, virtual machines, or databases, saving time and effort.

In case of a risk event, the flexibility of the Commvault platform gives enterprises the opportunity to perform the cloud backup and recovery operations needed in today’s changing business landscape.

With Commvault software, you can:

  • recover data and apps directly in the cloud
  • recover data and apps across platforms (physical to physical, physical to virtual, physical to cloud)
  • recover from cloud to on-premises (virtual to cloud, cloud to cloud, cloud to virtual).
  • recover on-premises data from the cloud
  • recover from cloud to cloud

What worries you the most about cloud data protection? Everything

My favorite response – and perhaps the most honest answer to this survey question – came from an IT specialist who shared an additional comment on this question.

Yes. Today’s IT leaders are juggling too many big topics when it comes to data protection.

Luckily, Commvault alleviates the worry about today’s biggest IT issues.

Get started by learning more about Commvault cloud backup and recovery.

* IT leaders shared their top concerns about cloud data protection in an April 2018 survey of a segment of Commvault cloud customersTechValidate survey of 261 customers of Commvault cloud data protection, April 2018.