Where AWS Backup Fits In The Data Protection Market

By David Orban

As cloud backup becomes mainstream, how will you meet the backup needs of your organization?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced the launch of AWS Backup, a new, no-cost service that will enable AWS users to back up data in the AWS cloud and on-premises application data through the AWS Backup integration with AWS Storage Gateway. It extends Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) Snapshots across many AWS services to enable centralized management of its data protection. It has augmented its basic EBS Snapshot capabilities with a new management layer that includes useful snapshot management tools.

This is good news for anyone currently using – or contemplating using – AWS. It underscores AWS’s commitment to expanding its range of cloud services to meet the needs of a wider market, particularly SMBs and individual subscribers, who will now be able to add a no-cost option for protection and recovery to their AWS-based data and workloads.

The protection and recovery capabilities of AWS Backup will meet the needs of many businesses. But since AWS Backup protects data only within the AWS ecosystem, it might not meet the needs of larger enterprises, as well as those working in hybrid or multi-cloud environments. For those organizations, and for organizations requiring automation and orchestration of more complex environments, Commvault’s robust functionality can meet the most aggressive data protection requirements. With Commvault’s native integration with AWS Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), users can take full advantage of all that AWS has to offer. With Commvault Complete™ Backup and Recovery, you can quickly and securely manage data migration from your data center to the cloud or from public or private clouds to AWS, while gaining improved performance, availability and added visibility into your data.

Backup is essential within the cloud, and AWS Backup demonstrates that AWS is taking backup seriously. Commvault’s native integration with AWS APIs will simplify the way we protect data in AWS. It enables us to provide wider support for Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon EFS and the AWS service platforms. And, as AWS adds new features to this service, we will be able to easily extend Commvault support within AWS.

For organizations with hybrid or multi-cloud environments, or those with complex requirements for compliance or audit, Commvault remains the go-to source for robust, enterprise data protection and recovery solutions. And our value proposition remains the same: we help our customers move, manage and use their data whenever – and wherever – they need it,  on-premises, in the cloud and across clouds. Learn more by checking out the following information, and the video below:

Bill Vass, VP of Engineering AWS, explains how Commvault and AWS are working together to deliver data protection, backup and recovery, management and eDiscovery to public and private enterprises of all sizes.