The Dos and Don’ts of Cloud Transformation 

By Hope D’Amore

Cloud transformation is a huge part of digital transformation.  As the cloud revolution moves into its third decade, it’s clear that there’s tremendous value in adopting cloud, with McKinsey estimating more than $1 trillion just for Fortune 500 companies.  Interestingly, nearly all of that value comes from business innovation and optimization rather than IT cost reduction.

So how can organizations capture the potential benefits?

In this video you’ll learn the Do’s and Don’ts of what you need in your data protection environment to successfully achieve a cloud transformation that will make a positive impact for your business.

To further assist you with implementing a successful cloud strategy – please see below a handy checklist. 

Broad Workload Coverage – Over the last few years, your data environment has gone through a high level of change and innovation – leaving a wide range of workloads.  For a secure environment, all these workloads require data protection and management – legacy and next generation.
Flexible Delivery Model.  This is a big one.  A flexible delivery model will allow you to consume, deploy and grow, according to your business needs now and, in the future, including SaaS.
Multi Cloud Support.  With 80% of customers using multiple clouds, it’s imperative to work with a vendor that has native integrations and deep relationships.  This enables you, the customer, to get early/ fast access to innovations within the chosen cloud environment but also it protects you from cloud/ storage lock in.
Smart Automation.  Smart automation means moving data between cloud and on premises will be easy and fast.  Automating the process will enable your teams to concentrate on delivering innovation and it will lower the risk of not meeting SLAs.
Enterprise Level Security.  With ransomware attacks conservatively estimated to occur every 11 seconds – we need to make sure that your security posture is high.  End to end visibility via a single platform ensures that you are ready to deal with any issues or attacks that may arise.

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