Backup & Recovery for SAP HANA®

Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery helps organizations to build, protect and operate SAP HANA environments that run in private, public, or hybrid cloud environments. Commvault’s tight integration with SAP HANA includes array and cloud snapshot management to provide impact-free recovery copies, which are combined with other backup strategies to meet even the most stringent recovery and disaster recovery (DR) SLAs. Advanced copy management also helps SAP customers with other important functions such as dev/test, migration, long-term retention and meeting data governance demands.

The challenges of protecting and managing SAP HANA

The use of SAP business software has become more and more pervasive in today’s highly competitive business environment. It can give you the edge that you need. That’s why applications like SAP S/4 HANA are an essential component for many companies by driving business process transformation and automation. The downside is that SAP environments are typically mission-critical, large and complex, so ensuring that SAP HANA is protected and available is anything but a piece of cake.

Increased use of the cloud can add to your SAP challenges, too. The backup systems previously used to protect SAP HANA on-premises may no longer be able to meet your SLAs in the cloud or fail to provide the same degree of flexibility.

Commvault on SAP HANA highlights

As a long-standing and committed SAP Partner, Commvault provides a certified SAP HANA data protection solution that is tightly SAP-integrated and is designed for universal protection. In addition to streaming protection via SAP’s Backint for HANA interface, we also support SAP HANA hardware snapshots under the same GUI making it easy to switch between the two backup technologies. For instance, when SLAs change, running out of backup window or in case of network performance issues. The choice is yours. Besides SAP S/4 HANA, Commvault supports SAP BW/4 HANA and every other SAP application running on SAP HANA, no matter whether you implement HANA Scale-up, Scale-out or leverage SAP HANA System Replication. We are also independent of the hardware platform (HANA on Intel vs. IBM Power) and have full support for your public cloud strategy on Microsoft Azure, AWS and the Google Cloud.

  • Integrated: Building on SAP’s Backint for HANA interface ensures data integrity and allows for tight integration with SAP HANA Studio and SAP HANA Cockpit as well as SAP DB13.
  • Fast: Drive backup window and application impact of critical SAP HANA deployments to zero with Commvault’s advanced snapshot technology.
  • Efficient: Minimize storage footprint through advanced deduplication and compression.
  • Available: Bring down production downtime caused by restores from hours to minutes by using ultra-fast snapshot-based restores – on-premises and in public clouds. Recover single tables while your SAP system remains online.
  • Agile: Refresh SAP landscape systems running on SAP HANA – via our easy-to-use WEBGUI or fully automated via our integration with SAP’s Landscape Management (LaMa) tool.
  • Scalable: Host more SAP HANA systems with your existing infrastructure by utilizing persistent log backup jobs.

SAP HANA® Landscape Management and DevOps

Alongside safe-guarding HANA’s data, Commvault software also supports creating and refreshing test and development systems from production data sources. This allows for effective management of SAP application landscapes running on HANA. In order to respond to ad hoc requests from the business, HANA test systems can also be quickly provisioned from cloned snapshots, in a process that includes lifecycle management. Expired test systems are automatically disposed of for governance purposes, which also limits data sprawl and reduces storage costs. Using our advanced integration with SAP’s LaMa tool, full automation of entire SAP system refreshes can be achieved, reducing individual refreshes from days to hours – delivering obvious business benefits.

Solution benefits

Integration • Tight integration through SAP APIs
• Run and monitor SAP HANA backups and restores directly from SAP LaMa GUI
• Manage SAP HANA multitenant environments effectively via the automatic discovery of new tenants
Performance • Near instant and impact-free protection and recovery in minutes using snapshot orchestration
• Recover single tables while production remains online
• Effective multi-streaming accelerates SAP HANA backups and restores
• Meet your SLAs regardless of whether you run SAP HANA on-premises or in the cloud
Efficiency • Deduplication and compression significantly reduce SAP HANA backup storage requirements
• Faster SAP HANA roll-forward times and reduced secondary storage requirements when using incremental or differential backups and combined with a weekly full
• Simplified management of dev/test operations improves performance and storage efficiency
Flexibility • Support for a wide range of snapshot engines, including all-flash arrays
• Cloud snapshot support for AWS and Azure clouds
• Move between HANA on Intel and HANA on Power as required
• Recover SAP HANA systems and tenant databases individually from streamed backups
Governance & security • Role-based management and security
• Operational audit and reporting
• Leverage SAP HANA or Commvault encryption for enhanced security in public networks or in the cloud

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Keeping SAP HANA deployments running smoothly where availability, performance, compliance, DevOps and service management are concerned isn’t easy. And relying on a long list of point products to try to even out the bumps will mostly end in more pain. Trust us, we know.

Other people that know are a long and growing list of enterprises that trust Commvault’s platform approach to help them to maximize the success of their SAP deployments, regardless of where they live. Commvault software provides a unified platform to solve SAP HANA application availability, performance and automate landscape management. Together, SAP HANA and Commvault remove operational complexities in your business to help you to create new revenue streams and bring profitable ideas to market.


Together, SAP HANA and Commvault remove operational complexities in your business to help you to create new revenue streams and bring profitable ideas to market.