Backup and recovery for SAP HANA

The use of SAP business software has become more and more pervasive in today’s economic environment. Applications like SAP ERP are an essential component for many companies by driving business process automation and efficiency. SAP environments are typically mission-critical, large and complex, making data protection and availability a challenging task.

No matter if SAP enterprise applications run on SAP HANA, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP Sybase ASE, SAP MaxDB or Oracle databases, Commvault can provide the right SAP data protection solution while maximizing SAP availability, performance and automation, to make sure that service levels are met at all times.

Commvault software is a data protection and information management platform that integrates with SAP environments. Commvault helps organizations build, protect, and operate SAP HANA environments that can be integrated into private, public, or hybrid cloud environments. Commvault software includes various mechanisms for protecting and managing SAP HANA environments alongside with SAP data lifecycle management. Let’s review some of these highlights now.

Commvault on SAP HANA highlights


Building on SAP’s Backint for HANA interface allows for tight integration with SAP HANA Studio and SAP HANA Cockpit as well as SAP DB13.


Dramatically reduce recovery times of multi-terabyte SAP HANA deployments by using ultra-fast snapshot-based restores.


Drive backup window of large HANA deployments against zero with Commvault’s advanced snapshot technology.


Create and refresh SAP Landscape systems running on SAP HANA – manually via an easy-to-use GUI dialog or fully automated and policy based.


Minimize storage footprint through advanced deduplication and compression.


Host more SAP HANA systems with your existing infrastructure by utilizing persistent log backup jobs.

As a long-standing and committed SAP Partner, Commvault provides a certified SAP HANA data protection solution that is tightly SAP-integrated and is designed for universal protection. Not only standalone SAP HANA deployments, but also SAP Business Suite Powered by HANA, SAP BW/4 HANA and SAP S/4 HANA environments can be protected effectively. HANA can run in scale-up and scale-out setups, high availability setups and HANA System Replication is supported as well. The solution is independent of the underlying hardware platform (Intel x86 or IBM Power).

Recover and archive all your SAP data

Commvault offers a comprehensive data management solution to backup, recover and archive all your SAP data — helping you improve application performance, reduce system downtime and keep costs under control.

SAP HANA landscape management and dev-ops

Alongside with safe-guarding HANA’s data, Commvault also supports creating and refreshing test and development systems allowing for effective management of SAP landscapes running on HANA. In order to respond to ad-hoc requests from the business, HANA test systems can also be quickly provisioned based on cloned snapshots including lifecycle management. Expired test systems will be automatically disposed for limiting data sprawl and reducing storage costs.

However, this functionality can also be leveraged in a disaster recovery scenario when it is important to rebuild the HANA production system quickly in a disaster recovery location.


  • Reduce full backups to once per week with incremental or differential backups and save on secondary storage cost. This also allows for quicker SAP HANA recovery due to reduced roll-forward time.
  • Manage SAP HANA Multi-Tenant Environments effectively via automatic discovery of new tenants. Backup and recover SAP HANA system and tenant databases individually.
  • The ability to deduplicate and compress SAP HANA backups, effectively reducing the storage footprint.
  • Redundant, deduplicated backup copies can be easily created via low-bandwidth network connections for supporting disaster recovery plans.
  • Encrypt SAP HANA backups in transit and at rest for enhanced security in public networks.
  • Effective multi-streaming to significantly accelerate SAP HANA backups and restores.

Next steps

SAP HANA deployments have several challenges: availability, performance, compliance, DevOps, and service management. To address these challenges, organizations have been inundated with a long list of point-products to manage their SAP data. However, to maximize the success of SAP deployments, businesses need a unified platform that is integrated with SAP HANA software to protect, manage, and archive all SAP data – regardless of where it lives.

Commvault software provides a unified platform to solve SAP HANA application availability, performance, and automate landscape management. Together, SAP HANA and Commvault remove operational complexities in your business to create new revenue streams and bring profitable ideas to market better.