Allina Health embraces flexible data protection through comprehensive backup solution with Commvault

Simplified data backup and recovery processes for complex systems and an ever-growing data environment


  • Inconsistent backups for critical systems created data gaps and risk of data loss
  • High overhead to manage the system and prepare for complex annual licensing renewal
  • Poor support experiences and critical issues not prioritized by the technology vendor


  • Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery for agile data protection and flexible, granular recovery
  • Commvault’s snapshot management technology for quicker, easier, more affordable protection across multi-vendor environments
  • Enhanced services with Commvault Enterprise Support Program (ESP)


  • Consistent backup success with Commvault of greater than 99.9% over last 5 years
  • Flexibility and granularity to recover only what they need, when they need it
  • Accelerated backups protect extreme database sizes in same day
  • Reduced storage requirements with deduplication
  • Vastly improved support experience with access to technical resources and proactive guidance on solution use




Minneapolis, MN


In numbers

  • 29,000 employees+
  • 6,000 associated and employed physicians
  • 11 hospitals and 90+ clinics

Key assets protected

  • Total front-end data backup of 1.7 PB
  • 2000+ servers
  • Epic database for EMR (75TB)
  • Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) (900TB)
  • Windows, Linux and Unix
  • Active Directory, MS Exchange DAG, and SharePoint
  • MS SQL, Oracle and DB2
  • VMware VMs

The backup environment

  • Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery
  • Commvault HyperScale™ Reference Architecture
  • NetApp Disk Libraries
  • IBM Tape Library

“We used to manually engineer redundancy to avoid data loss. Commvault provides the needed flexibility and granularity for fast restores.”

– Jeff Burrell, Sr. Infrastructure Engineer | Allina Health

“Our EHR database was too big for the old solution. Now it’s 5X larger and Commvault has zero problems.”

– Greg Robinson, Senior Systems Engineer | Allina Health

Comprehensive data protection doesn’t have to be complicated

Allina Health is a not-for-profit health care system dedicated to the prevention and treatment of illness and enhancing the greater health of individuals, families and communities throughout Minnesota and western Wisconsin. By 2015, the organization was well into their digital practice. Their data protection solution struggled to complete backups consistently across systems within a day, making it difficult to achieve full coverage for critical records. Licensing was also complex, requiring two months of effort to prepare for annual renewals, and reliable technical support was hard to get.

The need for a hardware refresh prompted Allina Health to seek a solution that was easier to manage, better supported, and could handle the data they needed protected now—and keep up with data growth.

90% deduplication rates for Epic system

100% job success rate 11 of last 12 months

Savings on storage with better compression rates

Discovering truly flexible data protection with a trusted, engaged partner and enhanced support services

Allina Health recognized the value of Commvault compared to their legacy solution. Commvault was able to align with their business strategies and objectives and Commvault Intelligent Data Services was chosen for its flexibility, agility and the ability to quickly enable a forward-looking data management strategy. The Allina Health team achieved true peace of mind knowing their entire environment, regardless of size or complexity, was fully protected. They also chose the Enterprise Support Program (ESP), Commvault’s enhanced support service that develops a true partnership to augment Allina Health’s engineers with Commvault technical talent, proactive account management and responsive support. ESP regularly guides Allina Health through taking advantage of the latest features, assessing alignment with objectives, and identifying opportunities for efficiencies.

“Our Commvault Technical Account Manager is an incredible resource with some of the best support we’ve had. He’s become an honorary member of the team.”

– Jeff Burrell, Sr. Infrastructure Engineer | Allina Health

Achieving rapid and agile data backup and restoration for every system

Commvault’s Intelligent Data Management portfolio has many technologies of interest to Allina Health, including Commvault’s snapshot management technology. This technology revolutionized their data protection for Epic, which grows by 1TB every three to four weeks, significantly shortening the protection window, providing 90%+ deduplication efficiency, and reducing storage costs. Commvault’s overall operational efficiency, along with simplified administration and management has resulted in greater performance and savings, especially for large line of business DBs and other critical systems. Their PACS now finish backups of over a billion files in a single day.

Allina Health can now recover any data set on-demand within business recovery objectives and knows Commvault will continue to innovate, scale and support their growth.