Nevada Department of Transportation is Able to Focus on Public Safety by Selecting Metallic


  • Need flexible backup solution with breadth of coverage to migrate on-prem data, VMs and applications to Azure, and adopt Office 365
  • Comprehensive data protection and security to safeguard data against ransomware and meet compliance requirements
  • Simplify administration and free up resources needed to manage backup and restore operations
  • Increase reliability required for backup and recovery to avoid costly downtime


  • Scalable SaaS-delivered data protection for applications and VMs across on-prem and cloud environments
  • “Fire and forget” solution that’s easy to set up and use with on-call support
  • Single pane of glass management and reporting, including security insights for ransomware protection
  • Easy expansion to add Microsoft Office 365 protection with SaaS-based model


  • Moved 350+ on-premises virtual machines and local environment to the cloud with Metallic
  • Gained scalability and flexibility needed to make data available for public initiatives
  • Reduced time required to manage operations by over 50%
  • Ongoing savings on resources, hardware costs and reliability, and ransomware protection
  • A unified platform to move, manage, and recover data across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud locations
  • Increased security and protection to move workloads to the cloud with ransomware protection and insights
  • Resources freed up to do more value-based work for NDOT




Nevada, USA


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  • 50% reduction in time required to maintain and manage backups
  • 25% ongoing savings on infrastructure costs
  • $100,000+ annual savings in TCO

About NDOT

Originally established in 1917 as the Nevada Department of Highways, Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) has grown
to be responsible for the planning, construction, operation, and maintenance of the state’s highway system. Headquartered in
Carson City, each of NDOT’s oversight districts are responsible for supervising all state transportation activities within their local
jurisdiction: Las Vegas, Reno and Elko. The department also oversees partner projects such as the Adopt-a-Highway program and
maintaining State Historical Markers.

The Challenge

As a government agency, NDOT carries a significant responsibility to manage 5,400+ miles of highway and 1,000+ bridges
for the state, while their IT team is tasked with maintaining a laser focus on data security and business continuity and driving
efficiencies through cloud transformation. In fact, cloud transformation carries a particular importance to NDOT bringing increased
flexibility, scalability, and interoperability to better serve the public and connect with other state agencies for nationwide

At the same time NDOT was moving to the cloud, they needed to ensure continued protection of on-premises workloads – and
do it all securely, protecting against the growing threat of ransomware and to meet compliance.

“As an organization, we serve a multitude of customers. From truck drivers to highway patrols, daily commuters, news channels,
businesses and other state agencies, people rely on us for the public safety of our roads and any information relating to Nevada’s
transportation system. Without our ability to share public safety information and protect sensitive data, the public wouldn’t know
what’s going on with our roads.”

A few years prior, a solution switch-up took them off Commvault’s platform, and they quickly realized the new solution was not
going to meet their needs. Jeffrey Day, IT Security Architect at Nevada Department of Transportation, recalls “We were persuaded
to switch from Commvault to another solution five years ago with promises of the alternative being bigger, better, and stronger.
But when we went with it, we came to find out: nothing was true. The solution demanded a lot more attention and team hours than
Commvault ever had.”

The new solution was not meeting compliance requirements nor helping them achieve their cloud goals. Day-to-day data backup
operations demanded many hours and resources from NDOT’s IT team to manage. In addition, NDOT didn’t want to be reliant on
hardware and onsite storage. NDOT was looking for a simpler, more streamlined solution that is easy to use – one that was flexible
for their cloud journey while helping them reduce the workload on their IT team. They were looking for a solution that would make
their transition to the cloud easier while providing ransomware protection for their data backups.

The Solution

Returning to Commvault after a five-year absence, NDOT chose Metallic to seamlessly protect virtualized environments along
their hybrid cloud journey – both on premises and in Microsoft Azure – while simplifying management and bolstering ransomware
protection. The department was able to achieve 100% compliance with their backups while achieving a significant cost reduction.
Metallic SaaS-based data protection for hybrid cloud and Office 365 gave NDOT exactly what it had been seeking all along and
reinforced the drastic performance differences between Commvault and other vendors.

With a single interface managing data across on-premises and cloud locations, Metallic meant that NDOT no longer had to rely on
purchasing multiple products to achieve the same results. This let NDOT managers ensure no data was overlooked and eliminated
operational complications. It was truly a “fire-and-forget” implementation, with a streamlined user interface. Metallic delivered
comprehensive, reliable data management and ransomware protection to empower NDOT to accelerate their journey to the cloud.

25% ongoing savings on infrastructure costs

The Results

NDOT now has their most critical data, 350+ virtual machines and local environments along with Office 365, protected and
backed up to the cloud with Metallic. By choosing Metallic, NDOT has gained the scalable security and data protection needed to
accelerate the organization’s cloud initiative.

“Metallic lets us consolidate our backups to a single solution. So, as we move our infrastructure, we now have the ability to migrate
virtual machines to the cloud and we can also migrate virtual machines back down to our on-premises environments.” Jeff Day
noted. “This gives us flexibility and scalability – and we aren’t locked into one specific restore location.”

NDOT has also strengthened ransomware protection with insights that help spot risks and reduce threats with Metallic. “As we
see more and more organizations ending up with security breaches, it’s not just about running backups anymore, it’s about what
hackers will do when they come in,” Jeff Day noted. “Metallic runs ransomware checks to ensure our backups are secure. And if we
ever find a vulnerability on-premises or in our virtual machines on Azure, we know that if we restore from Metallic, we will be clean
of those vulnerabilities.”

“Metallic lets us consolidate our backups to a single solution… this gives us flexibility and scalability – and we aren’t locked into one specific restore location.”

– Jeff Day IT Security Analyst 3, Information Technology Division | Nevada Department of Transportation

At the same time, NDOT has enjoyed great savings on hardware, reducing infrastructure costs by at least 25%. Those resources
are now used to focus on new initiatives that need the team’s attention in addition to the staff hours saved. They had two staff
almost completely dedicated to just managing backups and redoing backup jobs that failed. They do not have that anymore.

By implementing Metallic, NDOT is able to securely move to cloud to modernize the organization’s infrastructure, increase
interoperability with other state agencies and better serve the public. Metallic has brought simplicity, security and savings NDOT
was looking for to solve the organization’s challenges.