St. Antonius Hospital Mitigates Compliance Risk and Gains Cloud Backup in Days


  • Security vulnerability in Apache Log4J posed immediate risk to sensitive patient data
  • Required a reliable backup solution for rapid implementation by minimal staff
  • Needed a backup solution with elastic scalability to fit requirements


  • Deployed Metallic® Recovery Reserve™ to back up sensitive data to the cloud
  • Connected Metallic Cloud Storage Service with local Commvault® Complete™ Backup & Recovery environment


  • Implemented additional cloud backup via Commvault Metallic within a week
  • Addressed potential security vulnerability in Apache Log4J




The Netherlands


In numbers

  • Dutch hospital specializing in treating heart and lung diseases and cancer
  • Three main locations and five external outpatient clinics, with 600 beds and 7,000 employees
  • Part of Santeon, a group of seven collaborating clinical hospitals in the Netherlands

Key Assets Protected

  • 300 TB in Metallic Recovery Reserve cloud storage
  • 71 TB in Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery
  • 200 virtual machines

The backup environment

  • Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery
  • Metallic Recovery Reserve
  • Hitachi local backup facility

Pull metrics

  • 3 days to commence backup process
  • Backed up 30 TB of data in less than a week
  • Prevented modifications to data during mandated retention period

We needed a solution that we could implement quickly and easily, and that was easy to use. Of course, we looked at alternatives, but we could implement Metallic within a few days.

Krijn Koster, Technical ICT Architect | St. Antonius

The ease with which you can scale up and down makes Metallic an attractive solution. You just start small and scale up as soon as you need to.

Cindy Cusell, Network & System Administration Team Leader | St. Antonius

The ease of implementation if you already have a Commvault environment was decisive for us. It barely added any work. The implementation week was busy, but after that, it ran smoothly.

Cindy Cusell, Network & System Administration Team Leader | St. Antonius