Commvault® Backup & Recovery datasheet

A single, intuitive platform that provides complete backup and recovery of all workloads – on-premises and in the cloud –with flexible copy data management for DevOps readiness


Commvault Backup and Recovery provides powerful backup, verifiable recovery and cost-optimized cloud workload mobility, helping to ensure data availability, even across multiple clouds. Our simplified backup and recovery solution allows you to manage all your workloads – cloud, VMs, containers, applications, databases and endpoints – from a single platform, while flexible copy data management allows you to multi-purpose your backed-up data for DevOps, replication and more, across your entire infra-structure.


Organizations need to be confident that their data is readily available across their entire environment, whether it’s on-premises, in the cloud, in multiple clouds, or in hybrid environments. They need to ensure data availability and avoid costly data loss scenarios. First-generation point solutions provide some protection but often create data silos. And if your point solution doesn’t accommodate evolving data and workload types, you’re probably looking at additional point solutions, which will create even more segregated data silos, managed through multiple interfaces. This results in operational inefficiencies, longer go-to-market cycles and increased storage costs. And as data grows and takes center stage in your business planning and operation, being able to access, protect and recover it – quickly, completely and cost-effectively – becomes absolutely critical.

Our Solution

Commvault Backup & Recovery provides enterprise-grade protection and recovery of virtual machines, containers, databases, applications (including cloud), endpoints and files.

Commvault allows you to manage backed-up data and workloads efficiently and securely, both on-premises and in any public cloud. It provides increased visibility and role-based access control that enables self-service, restricting unauthorized access while helping to eliminate data sprawl. This reduces the burden on database administrators, while increasing their efficiency and allowing them to focus more on critical business activities.

In addition, Commvault’s market-tested technology helps organizations extract more business value from that data, to facilitate business planning and to improve business outcomes.


  • Automated backup and recovery of VMs, containers, applications, databases, endpoints and files
  • Cost-optimized workload mobility: on-premises to the cloud, even between clouds, with no downtime to production systems
  • Data security and resilient ransomware protection
  • Support for all major cloud vendors
  • Support for all major snapshot vendors
  • Flexible Copy Data Management enables cost-effective data repurposing for DevOps and more
  • Easily managed through an intuitive, web-based user interface

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Commvault Backup & Recovery capabilities

CapabilityUse CaseBenefit
BackupProtection of virtual machines, applications (including cloud),
databases, endpoints, files
• Policy-driven automation, monitoring and reporting; no cumbersome scripts required.
• Customized schedules to meet any SLA
• Deduplicated data for more efficient data transmission
• Auto-discovery provides proactive protection of newly added data-
• Customized retention for recovery and compliance
• Configurable encryption both at-rest and in-transit
RecoveryRecovery of virtual machines, applications (including cloud), databases, endpoints, files • Recovery of entire system, instance, or application
• Granular single file recovery
• In-place to same location or out-of-place to different location
• Latest data in point-in-time
MigrationMigration of workloads from on-premises to the cloud,
or between clouds
• Fully automated processes; no need for customized scripts
• No downtime to production systems
• Data portability between clouds
• Avoid vendor lock-in
Hardware snapshot integration Leverage hardware snapshots for near-instant recovery of entire data volumes • Support for all major snapshot hardware vendors
• Automated snapshot backup and recovery
• Customized snapshot retention
Cloud integrationUtilize the cloud for scalability, mobility, availability and cost reduction for production workloads • Support for all major cloud vendors
• Single platform for both on-premises and cloud data management
• Backup, recovery and migration to the cloud, in the cloud, from the
• Maintain compliance oversight
Flexible storage options Retain copies of protected data in one or multiple locations • Disk library – individual hard disks or RAID array
• Tape library
• Cloud storage – all major vendors supported
• Network-attached storage (NAS)
• Deduplication for more efficient – and cost-effective – data storage

A single view for managing your entire environment

The Commvault Command Center™ is a web-based user interface for managing your data protection and disaster recovery initiatives. It provides default configuration values and streamlined procedures for routine data protection and recovery tasks.

You can use the Command Center to set up your data protection environment, to identify content that you want to protect and to initiate and monitor backups and restores.

The main navigation pane allows you to easily access various components including downloads, forms, analytics, monitoring and more.

A single view for managing your entire environment

The Global Search Bar allows you to search for specific CommCell entities and navigation items. And role-based access control allows you to restrict access so that your employees have access to only the information they need to do their jobs, and even limit actions they are allowed to undertake. This provides a controlled foundation for self-service, helping to reduce the load on your admins and IT support staff.


Commvault Backup & Recovery provides powerful backup, trusted recovery and cost-optimized workload mobility to help ensure that your data is available regardless of where it resides – on-premises, in the cloud and even across multiple clouds – to minimize the risk of costly data loss scenarios. Our industry-proven platform simplifies backup and recovery for all your data, applications and workloads. And with the added benefit of unique security features, resilient ransomware protection and flexible copy data management, Commvault takes the guesswork out of protecting your entire data environment.