Commvault Complete™ Backup and Recovery for Endpoint users

Simplify your data protection

Laptops are great for productivity, but can your organization rely on employees to back up their devices? The expansion of the mobile workforce has resulted in almost half of all corporate data residing outside the network — outside of your control — and the proliferation of ransomware has added a potentially expensive level of complexity and risk to your organization.

Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery for Endpoint users provides one simple platform – available on-premises, public/hybrid cloud, and SaaS – that reduces data risk, increases visibility, and improves employee data access. It runs effortlessly on desktops, laptops and many other devices, in any location, with self-service and automation tools, so that files can be retrieved and recovered without IT intervention.

With low compute overhead, there are no slowdowns or interruptions. And with essential features such as client-side deduplication and automated backup schedules, backups happen only when they need to — with only the data that has changed since the last scan. This conserves network bandwidth, and even allows backups to run over low-speed cell networks.

Commvault secure file sharing enhances user productivity by keeping files synchronized and accessible across devices. Users can store, access and share files from a virtual drive or storage point, which is a managed repository for all user’s data. Retain control of your data – file and folder access control and permissions can be managed by end-users from a browser or mobile app to reduce the risk of regulatory, governance and security issues. Commvault ensures that your business data remains safe, while extending search and legal hold capabilities to support your compliance and search requests.

Through flexible deployment options like SaaS, Commvault can provide a solution to meet your needs with no hardware to purchase, configure or maintain. Plus, there’s no additional technical resources to worry about since Commvault takes care of the deployment, performance tuning, upgrades, backups and downtime.


Regain control and visibility over critical data such as sensitive customer information and company intellectual property residing on laptops and desktops.

Minimize data breaches by retaining a secure backup of your endpoints – adds an additional layer of security in the event ransomware and other malware attacks evade installed anti-malware software.

Integrate file and folder-level encryption to prevent unauthorized data access, while secure device locking and wiping protects data in the event of lost or stolen laptops.

Accelerated eDiscovery and Compliance Search Operations can run complex, full text searches and collections against a consolidated pool of endpoint data without searching across each endpoint. When network connected, responsive data and devices can also be placed on legal hold.

With Commvault, you can protect endpoint data on laptops, desktops and other mobile devices anywhere, any time. And through direct, self-service access, users can do so much more than backup; you’ve empowered a mobile workforce.

Key capabilities

Endpoint control and visibilityEnsure a consistent end-user experience with expedited backups and scheduling based on multiple variables, such as CPU, power source and network conditions, and managing data transfer speeds and bandwidth consumption.
Source-side (client) data deduplicationEliminates redundant data from the client before copying to the server. Reduces server-side storage space, which reduces bandwidth consumption and speeds backup process.
Optimize security & data loss prevention (DLP)Secure data at the endpoint, in transit and in the data center with SSL encryption and at rest via AES, Blowfish, 3DES and Ghost. Encrypted at the file and folder level with proprietary modules that are FIPS 140-1 and 140-2 certified. Other security capabilities include device geo-location tracking, and device lock and wipe.
End-user self-service data restoreEnable end users to search, view and restore their own files and folders from Windows Explorer, Mac Finder, Android and iOS mobile apps, or a web console interface.
Simple control point for access control & authenticationGranular role-based access control (RBAC) based on Active Directory, Domino Notes Directory, or LDAP. Commvault Two-factor PIN Authentication is available. Single Sign On (SSO) support via Windows credentials, SAML and social media sites with OAuth.
Simple-to-use backup policy, workflow automation and reportingReduce IT admin burden with a library of basic tasks, customization capabilities and automated workflows. Also endpoints are auto-detected to eliminate manual installation and configuration. You have real-time visibility into all running jobs and events with customized alerting and reporting, as well as out-of-the-box reports and graphical dashboards.
Accelerated search, compliance and eDiscovery operationsFull text indexing and searching against a single pool of data from all laptop and desktop users, and several cloud repositories, accelerates the identification of responsive data for legal hold, compliance audits and investigatory operations. Legal hold (files and devices) workflow automation simplifies the process of ensuring electronically stored information (ESI) preservation.
Virtually unlimited scalabilityScale easily from hundreds of users to hundreds of thousands of users and from a single location to hundreds of locations globally with Commvault’s agile and web scale platform.
Deployment optionOn-premises, public / hybrid cloud and SaaS
SasS application backupSync, store and share with G Suite by Google Cloud and Microsoft OneDrive.
Licensing options: Endpoint data protection search add onBackup, restore, DLP. Metadata search and reporting – per user
Advanced content-based search and legal hold – per user