Commvault Complete™ Data Protection datasheet

A comprehensive, all-in-one solution for data protection and disaster recovery that allows you to protect and recover your entire data environment, across on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments


Commvault Complete Data Protection helps ensure data availability and business continuity across both your on-premises and cloud environments. It provides simple, scalable and comprehensive backup, replication and disaster recovery orchestration for all your workloads. And it’s easily managed through an intuitive, web-based user interface with role-based access control, enabling fully-permissioned self-service, freeing-up your IT staff to focus on higher-value activities.

The Challenge

As data takes center stage in business operations, workloads are becoming more complex and increasingly distributed. Traditional approaches to backup and recovery are no longer adequate for even smaller organizations. And as more and more companies recognize that their existing tools can’t keep pace with the rapid change occurring in their data center environments, they’re struggling to find a solution that is both flexible enough to accommodate new workload types and scalable enough to accommodate unprecedented data growth.

Our Solution

Commvault Data Protection is a single, powerful backup software solution for data protection – wherever your data lives. You need a backup and recovery solution that can keep up with you. Say goodbye to point products that increase complexity and costs. Commvault Data Protection can meet all your needs.

  • Cloud Backup. More than 80% of companies are using multiple clouds today. So if you’re not already using multi-clouds, you will be. And Commvault has you covered, with support for more than 40 cloud storage options across public and private clouds. This gives you the flexibility to create a hybrid cloud environment where you can back up (and recover) data to the cloud, within the cloud and even between clouds.
  • Virtual Machines. Virtualization offers a powerful and flexible way to accommodate the explosion of data and applications. But creating and deploying virtual servers, storage and applications across private and public clouds can create its own challenges. Commvault allows you to back up, recover and manage your VMs across your environment, regardless of where they live. No more standalone point products, no more data silos, no more redundant infrastructure and no more VM sprawl.
  • Applications and Databases. You’ve got a lot of databases and applications across your environment – some old, some new. What you don’t want is a lot of products to protect them. Commvault’s breadth and depth of support for database and applications, including distributed applications, is unmatched. You can migrate workloads to the cloud, back up databases efficiently and speed up access to data, all using a single solution.
  • Endpoints. Protecting databases and enterprise applications is critical, but what about endpoints? Almost half of your data – including important customer information and intellectual property – lives on desktops, laptops and mobile devices. Many times, these devices are targeted for cyberattacks like ransomware, making protecting them a must. Commvault Data Protection for endpoint protection can be easily installed on these devices, enabling users to recover files on their own.
  • Disaster Recovery. Natural disasters, hardware failures, data breaches, and ransomware attacks are inevitable. The key is to be prepared and have a good disaster recovery plan in place for when they do happen. But not all data is equal; you need to be able to balance your recovery requirements and costs against the service level agreements unique to your business. And while your recovery timeframes should be tied to the importance of the data, you still need a single solution to reduce complexity. Commvault’s easy-to-use solution tackles that complexity, and allows you to recover your data, wherever it is.

Commvault Complete Data Protection features

Replication• Replication of VMs both on-premises and in the cloud
• Replication of Databases and Applications
• Replication of files and volumes
• Group-level consistency repplication both on-premises and in the cloud
• Sub-minute RPO replication (with VMware)
Recovery automation

• Disaster Recovery orchestration for VMs
• Disaster Recovery orchestration for physical to virtual
• Recovery of VMs, Files, and Application items from replicas
Simplified user experience• 3-step replication configuration
• 1-click Failover, Failback and Recovery
• Intuitive, web-based user interface allows you to control your entire
environment from a single dashboard
• Role-based access control allows you to permission individual users for self-service functions, freeing-up your admins and IT support staff to focus on
higher value activities.
Disaster Recovery readiness

• Disaster Recovery dashboard view
• Disaster Recovery reports
• Automatic validaion of replicas
• Validation of Applications for Disaster Recovery VMs
• Validation of Applications and Files for Disaster Recovery
Migration• Migration support for data and applications
Intelligent and scalable• Scales to accommodate data growth
• Auto-scaling and power management for Disaster Recovery, both on-premises
and in the cloud
• Copy Data Management for replica VMs

The nature of data is changing… and your data infrastructure is changing with it. You need a data protection solution that can keep up with the evolving needs of your organization. Say goodbye to point products that only increase cost and complexity. With Commvault Complete Data Protection, you can easily meet your data protection needs both now and in the future, wherever your data lives.

Disaster Recover functionality
Easy-to-implement disaster recovery orchestration with automated compliance
• DR script automation and one-click failover and failback, for easy implementation and simplified operation
• Automated compliance reporting
• Automated discovery of outages with failover, to minimize operational disruptions
Fast, flexible replication • Fast VM, application, and storage snapshot replication
• One-to-many replication so you can simultaneously target local and remote platforms
• Flexible RPOs to balance the mission criticality of your data and workloads
Cost-optimized cloud data mobility • Easily back up, recover, and move data and workloads to/from/within the cloud
• Reduce costs with minimal infrastructure requirements, on-premises or in the cloud
• Optimize cloud versus on-premises location of
data and workloads
Resilient ransomware protection and
• Configurable end-to-end data encryption, at rest and in flight
• Ransomware protection including anomaly detection and reporting
• Secure replicas with periodic security scans of replicas at the DR site
Verifiable recoverability via copy data
• Validate DR replicas to ensure they
can be put into production if needed
• Test upgrades and patches
• Facilitate DevOps and agile development

Backup and Recovery functionality
Backup• Policy-driven automation, monitoring, and reporting; no cumbersome scripts required.
• Customized schedules to meet any SLA
• Deduplicated data for more efficient data transmission
• Auto-discovery provides proactive protection of newly added datasets
• Customized retention for recovery and compliance
• Configurable encryption both at rest and in transit
Recovery• Recovery of entire system, instance, or application
• Granular single file recovery
• In-place to same location or out of place to different location
• Latest data in point-in-time
Migration• Fully automated processes; no need for customized scripts
• No downtime to production systems
• Data portability between clouds
• Avoid vendor lock-in
Hardware snapshot integration• Support for all major snapshot hardware vendors
• Automated snapshot backup and recovery
• Customized snapshot retention
Cloud integration• Support for all major cloud vendors
• Single platform for both on-prem and cloud data management
• Backup, recovery, and migration to the cloud, in the cloud, from the cloud
• Maintain compliance oversight
Flexible storage options• Disk libraries – individual hard disks or RAID arrays
• Tape libraries
• Cloud storage – all major vendors supported
• Network-attached storage (NAS)
• Deduplication for more efficient – and cost-effective – data storage

A single view for managing your entire environment

The Commvault Command Center™ is a web-based user interface for managing your data protection and disaster recovery initiatives. It provides default configuration values and streamlined procedures for routine data protection and recovery tasks.

You can use the Command Center to set up your data protection environment to identify content that you want to protect, and to initiate and monitor backups and restores. The main navigation pane allows you to easily access various components including downloads, forms, analytics, monitoring and more. The Global Search Bar allows you to search for specific CommCell entities and navigation items. And role-based access control allows you to restrict access so that your employees have access to only the information they need to do their jobs, and even limit actions they are allowed to undertake. This provides a controlled foundation for self-service, helping to reduce the load on your admins and IT support staff.


Organizations looking to avoid costly data loss scenarios and streamline their disaster recovery initiatives can benefit greatly from Commvault’s robust, yet easy-to-use data protection solution. With built-in DR orchestration, automated compliance reporting, flexible replication, and cost-optimized cloud data mobility, Commvault Complete Data Protection helps ensure business continuity and avoid costly downtime. Our scale-out architecture means that your data environment remains protected, regardless of its size – or location. And with the added benefit of unique security features, resilient ransomware protection, and verifiable recoverability via copy data management, Commvault takes the guesswork out of protecting your critical IT infrastructure.