Commvault for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Datasheet


  • Protection for AWS-native workloads using agentless, agent, and snapshot approaches
  • Application-consistent instance-level backups
  • Accelerated workload migration and conversion from on-premises, other clouds to AWS
  • Significant cost savings via deduplication, compression, and automatic power management
  • Disaster recovery with failover and failback support to/from AWS
  • Ransomware protection with air-gapped write-once media (WORM) using S3 Object / Vault Locking
  • Support for Outposts (EC2) and Snowball to extend services into your datacenter


AWS provides a market-leading public cloud environment, ideal for running flexible, scalable and resilient workloads. At Commvault, we believe that your data management solution should embrace and enhance the advantages cloud brings while still maintaining the simplicity and security you’ve come to expect from an on-premises solution. Deep integration into AWS products facilitates fast, reliable, secure movement of data without the complexity of cloud connectors or scripting. We also make your IT team’s lives easier with a single interface to manage it all — an intuitive web-based console that’s capable of delivering a complete suite of vital data management features for AWS. Let’s take a closer look into how Commvault makes your data cloud ready:

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Native integration at the core

Commvault’s solution has deep, native integration into AWS to enable a comprehensive data management strategy that spans on-premises and cloud environments. These capabilities are built directly into the core Commvault product and serve as the foundation for the protection, migration, management, and usage of data across AWS.

  • Transfer data directly to Amazon Simple Storage Service, including Glacier and Deep Archive.
  • Native backup/restore and migration operations for AWS products expanded upon in later sections in this document.
  • Identity management capabilities leverage IAM and STS AssumeRole actions to securely access cloud resources in an automated manner.
  • Support for all AWS public regions, AWS GovCloud, AWS C2S, and AWS SC2S.
  • Integrated power management turns Commvault instances on only when they’re needed. Save substantially on cloud compute costs.
  • Certified and compliant with industry standards listed here.

Protecting your data — wherever it resides

To protect AWS workloads and datasets, organizations frequently resort to creating their own scripts to orchestrate the different snapshot and replication methods available within the various AWS services. These scripts can be difficult to maintain, audit, and scale as your organization takes advantage of the flexibility and elasticity of AWS. Regulatory or business process requirements also might necessitate creating secondary copies of backups that reside in other clouds, increasing complexity exponentially. Commvault simplifies the entire operation with native integration and policy-driven automation, giving you the protection you need without the administrative headaches.

  • AWS Backup and restore operations supported natively for services as shown here:
  • Granular recovery and restore of files across EC2 instances, S3, EFS, and Storage Gateway.
  • Lower storage and data transfer costs with deduplication and compression.
  • Ransomware protection and long-term storage (WORM) of compliance data utilizing Amazon Glacier Vault Lock.
  • Snapshots of Amazon EC2, Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS), and Amazon RDS datasets can be easily replicated to other AWS regions for redundancy.

Accelerating your migration to AWS

The cloud is all about flexibility and scalability, so you need a data management platform that allows you to take advantage of — and even enhance — those benefits. Whether your workloads sit on another cloud or in your datacenter, Commvault makes migrating them to AWS quick and easy. We also leverage that same technology for cross-platform migration, providing unrivaled flexibility for how your apps and databases are managed. Here are some more highlights for how you can accelerate your journey into the cloud with Commvault:

  • Convert VMware, Hyper-V, or Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) into EC2 instances.
  • Significant acceleration migrating from VMware ESXi to VMware on AWS (VMC) environments compared to traditional Import/Export (VMIE) methods.
  • Migrate database apps to Amazon EC2 and RDS instances with the following options:
Database type to migrateto EC2 to RDS
Oracle * *
Microsoft SQL Server * *
MySQL * *
PostgreSQL * *
  • Automated endian conversion of Oracle databases (convert from AIX/Solaris to Linux-based).
  • Migrate offline with Snowball, Snowball Edge, and Snowmobile support. Pack more into your snowball with deduplication; Migrate more with less.

Disaster Recovery in the cloud — truly DR on demand

Disaster recovery is critical for business continuity, but keeping a secondary site running 24×7 is an expense that is out of reach for a lot of companies. AWS is a natural fit for disaster recovery workloads, providing an elastic environment that can be spun up on demand when your datacenter is offline. Commvault software makes DR simple with multiple tiered service-level options driven by administrator-defined policies, orchestration for failover/failback, automated testing, and analytics to help you recognize threats before it’s too late. Here are some of the ways Commvault makes DR in the cloud a snap:

  • Full system recovery/testing measured in minutes, not days
  • Policy-driven, automated DR tiering for different service levels
  • Orchestration workflows allow for automated failover/failback without human intervention
  • Automated testing allows you to verify you’re ready for disaster before it strikes
  • In-depth analytics measure risk and alert administrators accordingly

Flexible and easy-to-use — your data at your fingertips

As a software-based solution, Commvault provides extreme flexibility in deployment options. It can be deployed as a completely virtual or cloud-based protection platform, depending on the needs of your business. Commvault also offers an integrated solution with its Commvault HyperScale™ Technology that combines all aspects of the data management platform in a scale-out system.

After deployment, Commvault’s ease of use is one of its greatest strengths. Commvault Command Center™ consolidates all configuration, management, and reporting tools into a simple-to-operate, centralized, web-based interface.

  • Protect, manage, monitor, and report on all your workloads across on-premises, multiple AWS accounts and regions from a single, consolidated view.
  • Search/eDiscovery capabilities across on-premises and cloud environments — locate & restore what you need from one portal, regardless of data type.
  • Simplistic licensing model can cover all AWS workloads in an enterprise.


You rely on Amazon Web Services to provide a reliable, scalable environment to host your data and workloads. With deep, native integration, Commvault can accelerate your migration onto AWS and provide a comprehensive data management platform to make sure you maintain full control of your data across on-premises and cloud environments. Commvault enables you to protect your data, analyze it to improve business outcomes, and migrate it across platforms to maximize flexibility – all from a single interface.

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