Commvault quickstart


  1. Accelerate the time to value of your Commvault data management environment with seasoned Commvault Technology Consulting Engineers and proven deployment methodologies.
  2. Gain flexibility to modify the scope of Commvault software implementations within predefined parameters.
  3. Receive the simplicity of one Commvault SKU to address a broad spectrum of installation and configuration activities without the need for a customized SOW.

Offering overview

Busy IT departments find it more challenging than ever to operate and maintain traditional backup environments, much less plan, install, and configure a modern data services solution. Trust Commvault Consulting to consistently deliver a smooth transition from legacy backup and archive solutions to a modern approach based on Commvault software. Commvault’s proven methodologies and global team of seasoned technologists can help reduce any implementation’s time, effort, and risk.

The Commvault QuickStart offering helps customers accelerate the installation and configuration of their Commvault software environment and operate it more efficiently. These services employ Commvault’s best-practice deployment model. A Commvault Project Manager will lead every QuickStart engagement. Each QuickStart comprises a planning session, installation, and configuration of your Commvault environment, including the protection of a subset of your clients. Each engagement day concludes with a detailed report of the day’s activities, and at the end of the engagement, you receive an “As Built” document that captures your current Commvault deployment.

Key activities and benefits

Environment AssessmentCommvault experts collect key information about your data management needs and expectations to develop an optimal Commvault software implementation plan.Minimize your time and effort to develop a robust implementation plan for deploying Commvault software.
Installation and ConfigurationSeasoned Commvault consultants provide continuity with the installation and configuration of your Commvault environment.Accelerate the time to value of your data management solution.
Knowledge TransferYour Technology Consulting Engineers cover basic configuration, feature optimization, and other topics specific to your environment as requested by your staff within the project scope.Improve the overall availability of your Commvault software solution and develop IT staff that will have the capability to maintain operational efficiencies.

Service scope exclusions/changes

Any additions or changes to the engagement scope must be stated in a separate Commvault Change Request Form (CRF) detailing the changes and the impact on pricing and schedule.

Only the services explicitly set forth above are included in this engagement. The following services are specifically excluded:

  • Modification of the Customer’s application software
  • Multiple, basic installation services requiring project management services
  • Development of personalization solutions, including scripting, workflows, or Commands
  • Testing requiring more than 1 day of Commvault effort
  • Formal Architecture Design session or associated documentation

Project risk

Typical options for risk remediation include:

  • Reduce scope to meet project timeline
  • Project Change Request (PCR) to purchase additional Commvault personnel project days
  • Service and T&M Fee Invoicing Schedule
  • The Services described in this Services Brief are delivered on consecutive days during Commvault’s normal business hours (8:00 AM – 6:00 PM local time, M – F, excluding Commvault and local holidays)
  • Invoices are issued upon Commvault’s receipt and approval of the Customer’s purchase order
  • Customer authorizes Commvault to invoice for and shall pay additional amounts related to performance outside Commvault’s regular business hours or consecutive days

Delays in the provision of the defined services stemming from lack of access to host(s), data center (s), or personnel deemed critical to the completion of the engagement. Commvault shall have no liability for consequential or special damages, including lost profits or data loss. In no event shall Commvault’s liability exceed the amount paid for these services. The purchase of software, if any, is not contingent on the completion of the services.

Ordering information


Commvault Small-tier QuickStart is a packaged Time and Materials implementation and configuration service to be delivered remotely over 5 contiguous days.


Commvault Medium-tier QuickStart is a packaged Time and Materials implementation and configuration service to be delivered remotely over 10 days in two blocks of 5 contiguous days.


Commvault Large-tier QuickStart is a packaged Time and Materials implementation and configuration service to be delivered remotely over 15 days in three blocks of 5 contiguous days.


Architecture design service

Commvault employs standard methodologies, best practices, and the in-depth expertise of a team of Solution Architects, Engineers, and Project Managers to deliver its Architecture Design offering. Commvault works closely with the client’s IT leaders to discover the current state of their data environment, create a vision for modern yet pragmatic capabilities, develop design alternatives, and make recommendations that meet those needs. This service would precede the QuickStart service and provide a foundation for the QuickStart to deploy against. The following are the Architecture Design SKUs that align with each QuickStart service tier.



Commvault Training enables your staff to leverage the full Commvault® software environment, maximizing return on investment. In addition, we offer a range of flexible course format options to meet your individual time and budget requirements. To that end, below are the training recommendations aligned to each QuickStart service tier.

  • PS-QS-SMALL – 14 x ED-TR-UNIT – Enablement of one Commvault Backup Operator and One Commvault administrator
  • PS-QS-MEDIUM – 50 x ED-TR-UNIT – Enablement of one Commvault Administrator and one Commvault Backup Engineer
  • PS-QS-LARGE – 80 x ED-TR-UNIT – Enablement of two Commvault Backup Engineers

Services and Training

Commvault helps customers design, implement and maintain data management solutions that deliver immediate value and sustainable results.