Services brief: IT Health assessment


  • Address fundamental challenges created by changing data management requirements and rapidly evolving technologies.
  • Quickly and efficiently identify areas for improvement within your Commvault backup and recovery and archive environment.
  • Create well-defined remediation plans that improve the current environment and complement future business initiatives.

Offering summary

Efficient backup, recovery, archive and reporting operations are fundamental for maintaining a successful data management environment. Through acquisition, data growth, and normal infrastructure updates, a Commvault®software environment that was once functioning efficiently may need modifications to operate efficiently at desired service levels.

Regular examination and validation of data management architectures and procedures, along with business and infrastructure requirements, is essential for smooth operations, mitigating risk, and optimizing your investment in Commvault software. Commvault consultants can provide a fresh, external perspective that helps you understand the practical impact of new data management requirements and rapidly evolving technologies.

Commvault’s health assessment offering helps clients develop systems remediation and optimization plans that balance their most important business and technology requirements.

Commvault’s comprehensive, customer-centric approach for validating and providing measurable improvements to existing IT environments brings clients confidence because their unique business requirements have been considered throughout the duration of the engagement.

The Commvault team works closely with your IT and business leaders to discover and summarize the current state of your data management environment. Consultants conduct client interviews to better understand underlying challenges, identify future initiatives, and provide a comprehensive remediation plan with details for all solution areas including: backup/ recovery, archive, disaster recovery, and reporting. Clients can expect to participate in the following activities during an engagement:

Remediation Summary – Rank proposed action items by priority and risk in order to establish distinct opportunities for improvement. This enables the client to make the best use of limited resources in a timely fashion.

Key Observations – Provide insight into each improvement area including a clear explanation about the benefits/ challenges of each recommendation so that clients can easily understand the basis for remediation efforts.

Resolution Initiatives – Develop and rank projects by projected duration. This approach helps clients better plan for staffing, reconfiguration, architecture and system adjustments, and process improvement.

Prioritized Remediation Plan – Develop a ranked program of remediation activities including schedules and milestones. Individual activities are typically prioritized by benefit, risk to the environment, and estimated duration.

Remediation Roadmap – Provide a graphical overview of remediation plans according to program phase. This helps clients better plan for each remediation project and synchronize them with other activities.

Standard delivery approachCommvault consultants and the knowledge base supporting them leverage years of industry experience and thousands of unique backup/ recovery and archive customers. Their skill and expertise is incorporated into a facilitated workshop approach that dramatically reduces design time and implementation execution.
Data management optimizationThe Health Assessment offering includes input and direction from the customer’s key stakeholders with responsibility for ensuring that critical backup/ recovery, archive, and disaster recovery functionality is operating as intended every day and who understand the impact that of changes to their data management environment.
Prioritized planningCommvault® software specialists work closely with clients to build a prioritized list of strategic, tactical, and operational updates to the data management environment that when implemented will streamline the delivery process and improve time-to-value.
Business aligned remediationKey business functions and areas of risk are identified along with respective needs for business resiliency. These requirements are the basis for a remediation plan that ensures Commvault software and the updated data management environment delivers results that are in-line with business needs.
Remediation roadmap outlineMapping key areas of concern to specific project initiatives allows clients to staff properly and balance resources with the unique needs of specific remediation initiatives.
Advanced Commvault software featuresCommvault solution architects examine the business impact of applying untapped Commvault software functionality such as snapshot management, source-side deduplication, DASH copy technology, virtual server protection techniques, and Simpana OnePass™ file archiving with the goals of improving service levels, streamlining operations, and reducing storage related costs.