Solution brief: Google Cloud Backup And Recovery

Improve your data resiliency and recoverability.
Retire legacy backup hardware and tape.
Simplify Operations.

Streamline backup & recovery operations with Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

GCP + Commvault create a compelling reason to move your backup to the cloud. Migration is simple with Commvault’s native GCP integration. Commvault’s powerful data management solution makes sure your data is ready and available for compliance requirements and protected from ransomware threats. Simplify your backup process while reducing costs and improving reliability.

Move and manage your data across all GCP storage

Easily move your data to GCP Standard, Nearline, Coldline, and Archive storage containers, depending on your needs. Native integration eliminates the need for cloud connectors and speeds migration.

Don’t refresh another tape library, replace it

Cloud is the new tape. Eliminate tape libraries, transportation logistics, and third-party records companies. Spend less time in your datacenter. GCP + Commvault frees up resources and brings agility and scale to your backup and recovery operations – all while improving reliability and availability.

Avoid that next storage hardware refresh or forklift upgrade

Stop the endless cycle of maintaining and refreshing backup hardware. No more large capital expenses as hardware reaches end of life. GCP provides flexibility and scale in a consumption-based model, and Commvault deduplication helps that bottom line even more.

Protect against ransomware and other threats

Keep your backups air-gapped and safe from ransomware and other threats. GCP storage containers with Bucket Lock offers write-once (WORM), immutable storage to meet your compliance standards and ensure your data’s integrity while offering instantaneous access for quick restores.

With Commvault, it's 2 clicks to Google Cloud.
This short technical demonstration showcases how quick and easy it is to connect to the cloud with Commvault. In this session, we create cloud storage in Google Cloud Platform and then add that storage as a cloud library in Commvault with no appliance or gateway.

Simplify your data backup to Google Cloud platform (GCP)

From a single interface, Commvault delivers comprehensive data management capabilities including backup & recovery, archive, eDiscovery and ransomware protection. Integration with Google Cloud storage means that you set the backup policies and Commvault software does the rest. With GCP + Commvault, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that all your workloads and applications are protected and recoverable.

Commvault’s unmatched workload coverage includes:

Commvault’s unmatched workload coverage includes

It can take minutes to begin restoring data now with GCP and Commvault where it used to take hours to get access to offsite backups.

— Kelly Robinson, Director of Enterprise Infrastructure, Instructional Innovation and Technology | Georgia State University

Why make the move to Google Cloud Platform + Commvault?

  • One platform to manage all of your backup requirements. Remove point solutions that drive up costs – gain a single view into all data. Easily move your data to GCP Standard, Nearline, Coldline and Archive storage containers, depending on your needs.
  • Commvault’s native integration works seamlessly with GCP and eliminates the need for cloud connectors and gateways.
  • Eliminate unreliable and fragile physical tape. Can you really depend on “the truck” to protect your data?
  • Save hours and hours of administrative time. Automation and orchestration eliminate manual tasks.
  • Free yourself from legacy hardware lock-in. Avoid the high cost of forklift upgrades and continual hardware purchases.
  • Commvault ransomware protection improves threat and risk mitigation with foundation and application hardening, pre-emptive alerts, incident remediation and reporting. AI-driven analytics provide greater confidence in data backup, recovery and compliance.
  • Google Bucket Lock enables air-gapped, write-once (WORM) storage to meet the most stringent compliance requirements.
  • Policy-driven backup of G Suite and Google Drive.
Georgia State University

Georgia State uses Google Cloud Platform to improve disaster recovery

Google Cloud backup

Move, manage and use your data with Commvault on Google.