Information Archiving:
A Smarter Method for Retention, Search & Governance

Turn enterprise data into insight with CommVault, A Leader in the Gartner 2014 Enterprise Information Archiving Magic Quadrant

Why simply retain data when you can store insight and use it to your competitive advantage? Simpana 10 software is the smart approach to managing and accessing information across its entire lifecycle. Instead of accumulating and sifting through volumes of useless, or “dark” data, Simpana software stores only what counts by intelligently retaining information based on its strategic value to the enterprise.

With easy, intuitive search and access to information, users can conquer eDiscovery and compliance challenges, improve collaboration, and illuminate dark data to make better business decisions.

A Leader, Gartner 2014 Enterprise Information Archiving Magic Quadrant

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IDC CommVault Simpana Archive An Intelligent Archive

Content-Based Retention

Power of Singular Information Management video

Power of Singular Information Management®

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...starts with a single collection of all data throughout the enterprise

In the era of Big Data, being able to efficiently manage large data volumes is critical. A converged process for backup, archive and reporting, called Simpana OnePass, allows you to solve massive file and email growth problems with zero footprint archiving and no additional overhead.

Everything is indexed and housed within Simpana ContentStore, a single, efficient, virtual repository of enterprise data that provides a flexible and efficient way to store, access and understand your data for a variety of uses.

Take Complexity Out of eDiscovery and Compliance

Get in compliance with ever-evolving regulations and case law

Simpana software’s single-platform approach offers integrated eDiscovery from an vast collection of data sources, unmatched in the industry, including archive and backup data from email, files, SharePoint, public or private clouds, desktops, laptops and more.

A single collection and central deletion point reduces risk by ensuring all data sources are accounted for.

Legal and Compliance teams can instantly find and retrieve what they need when the clock is ticking with self-service access to the ContentStore.

With built-in features like legal hold, reporting, encryption and deduplication, in-house and third party costs and complexities are significantly reduced.

CV Newsletter featuring Gartner Research:
Turning Dark Data into Smart Data


Simpana for Email Archive

Easy Search and Access

Boost productivity and improve collaboration for everyone

Show Me Simpana - Intelligent Archive video

Show Me Simpana - Intelligent Archive

Watch the Video

Hand the power to your workforce with a wide range of simple, secure and intuitive self-service capabilities for end-users and business teams and watch productivity take off. Powerful and scalable content indexing allows millions of items within the ContentStore to be searched in seconds to produce relevant, accurate results.

Anytime, anywhere access to information from any device will certainly benefit Legal and Compliance teams, but with Simpana 10, a variety of users across the enterprise can find and use information faster, more strategically, and with far less cost and risk.

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Gartner 2014 Enterprise Information Archiving Magic Quadrant

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Info-Tech 2013 Email & Content Archiving Vendor Landscape

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Migrating from legacy is a breeze.

We’ll work with you for quick, high-fidelity data migration.

You know your legacy archiving platform needs to change, but you can’t bear the thought of migration. That’s why we offer an easy migration path from legacy solutions. We’ll work closely with you to assess your current environment, then map out a design and implementation that will solve your next gen requirements—without the hassle.

Learn more about Data Classification & Archive Policy Design Service.

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