• Is Your Backup Software Aware of Your Data?

    Posted 09/22/2016 by Matthew Tyrer

    Today’s agile environments require modern approaches to protection, recovery and overall data management. As the environments continue to evolve and scale beyond what many traditional approaches can handle, new methodologies have been required. Sadly, many of these newer, niche and hyper-converged solutions are focused on driving the speed of recovery and not looking at the recovery itself. Getting my entire virtual machine back instantly doesn’t help me if I still need another few h...

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  • Flash Changes More Than I/O

    Posted 09/20/2016 by Steve Duplessie

    We all know that flash makes things fast. Faster is better. I get it. We all get it. But for all the good flash gives us, it also creates holes we need to fill. It also creates new opportunities.

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  • When it Comes to Data Disasters, Don’t be Like Delta

    Posted 08/19/2016 by Sabrinath Rao

    There may be bigger data disasters than the one Delta Air Lines experienced last week when its IT system went down, but it is hard to think of that many. The outage, caused by a loss of power at the company’s Atlanta data center, forced Delta to cancel hundreds of flights and delay hundreds more. The short term financial loss will cost the company millions. The long-term damage to the company’s reputation and its customers’ loyalty to the airline could cost millions more. If yo...

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  • Pros and Cons – Rolling Your Own Backup Scripting

    Posted 08/18/2016 by Mark Bentkower

    We’re doing a lot of expansion and hiring in our APAC region right now, and one of the really fun parts of that process is helping on board some really talented new pre-sales and support engineers to our team. We got into a pretty lively discussion recently about writing shell scripts and wrappers. While it might make sense to try to use a pre-packaged solution to complete a complex backup that involves multiple layers and applications, versus 'rolling your own' solution with any number o...

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  • The Backup Consolidation Imperative

    Posted 08/12/2016 by Nigel Williams

    The drive to modernize IT is in full swing. It is manifesting itself as both quite possibly the largest number of large scale tech refreshes in IT history, a sea change in the vendor landscape and widespread IT re-organization. This profound change is largely a response to the need to compete in the new digital economy. The main requirement in this shift is to gain agility while simultaneously reducing traditional infrastructure scaling costs so that vital innovation can be funded. IT itself is...

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  • Putting SaaS Cost Control on the Map

    Posted 08/02/2016 by Don Foster

    According to Gartner, the number of enterprises using the cloud as a backup destination will double by 2018. But that’s just one part of the story: what’s in the cloud now is the exciting factor. No longer used just for data retention and protection, the cloud is now where a fast increasing number of critical applications reside. From Salesforce to SAP and Office 365, many vital business applications are now cloud-based. These Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications have transform...

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  • Data Centers Need Open Cloud Integration

    Posted 08/01/2016 by Matt Tyrer

    In my previous blog, I discussed the concepts of a Cloud First approach and the strategies that need to be explored before stepping into the Cloud. With the strategies examined, I wanted to move forward with the next key to victory in Cloud adoption: Integration. This is critical to the execution of any Cloud First Strategy your organization wants to implement as it pertains to how easy or hard it will be for you to manage the ebb and flow of data to/from the Cloud. Before moving ahead, let&rsq...

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  • Back To Basics: Data Classification

    Posted 07/29/2016 by Mark Bentkower

    "Data classification is the process of sorting and categorizing data into various types, forms or any other distinct class. Data classification enables the separation and classification of data according to data set requirements for various business or personal objectives. It is mainly a data management process."1 While most data centers begin as being “purpose built” for a specific application, over time we see incremental changes take place that usually take the scope and characte...

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  • Data Recovery Has Evolved – Have You?

    Posted 07/14/2016 by David Garcia

    Not long ago, punched cards were hailed as a major innovation in computing. The cards were utilized for many purposes, including computer programming, backup and recovery. And shortly after, the first human landed on the moon. Good times! While punched cards may be found in a few museums or online articles, you won’t find them in modern enterprise data centers. However, you will find organizations that still rely on separate point solutions for data protection and recovery - including sna...

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  • 3 Steps to Faster Implementation

    Posted 07/13/2016 by Phil Wandrei

    Many IT organizations continue to do things the old way fashioned way: they build it themselves. “It” can be a new server, storage solution, or a data protection solution. Building it yourself, or D-I-Y, can be time consuming for your staff if everything goes well, and a time drain if they encounter any problems. A great example is trying to build and assemble a children’s toy the night before their birthday. The slightest problem or misstep can multiply the amount of time required and result i...

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  • What are the Requirements of a Cloud-First Strategy?

    Posted 07/12/2016 by Matt Tyrer

    The Cloud: What do you really need to think about prior to jumping in? The momentum for Cloud and “Cloud First” thinking has been building for some time now, but not all are in a rush to embrace either. For example, in Canada, where I’m based, we’ve seen a much more wary and delayed approach to adoption. This attitude is primarily tied to data privacy and sovereignty rules in place, and a shortage of providers able to guarantee resilient localized copies of the data in t...

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  • Snap Away - and More Time to Play!

    Posted 07/06/2016 by David Garcia

    For many enterprise organizations, snapshots are a key component of their data protection portfolio. While the type of snapshots may vary, the ability to quickly protect data at a specific point in time, at multiple times throughout the day, is very appealing – especially for critical application data. However, not all snapshots are created equal. Over time, it is fairly common for organizations to expand datacenter operations, consolidate, merge with other companies, etc. This often resul...

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  • Freedom to Deploy Your Favorite Flavor of Storage

    Posted 06/30/2016 by David Garcia

    Wow, times are changing! According to a recent report from industry analyst Gartner, “By 2018, more than 50% of enterprise storage customers will consider bids from storage vendors that have been in business for less than five years, up from less than 30% today.”1 For many years, enterprise organizations relied on just a few major storage vendors for all of their needs. The adage, 'No one ever got fired for buying xxx' comes to mind. Today, many new startups offer storage solutions with advance...

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  • Requirements of a Cloud-First Strategy?

    Posted 06/27/2016 by Matt Tyrer

    The Cloud: What do you really need to think about prior to jumping in? The momentum for Cloud and “Cloud First” thinking has been building for some time now, but not all are in a rush to embrace either. For example, in Canada, where I’m based, we’ve seen a much more wary and delayed approach to adoption. This attitude is primarily tied to data privacy and sovereignty rules in place, and a shortage of providers able to guarantee resilient localized copies of the data in their cloud. The concern o...

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  • 3 Key Factors to Not Sabotaging Investment Protection

    Posted 06/24/2016 by Phil Wandrei

    Whether it is limited budgets or having to maintain current head count levels, organizations are strapped for resources. Coupled with protecting more data year over year and having to deliver greater services to the organization, this puts IT in a precarious situation. Diligence must be applied to every purchasing decision. However, IT often makes purchasing decisions based on short-term needs versus long-term benefits, which sabotages investment protection. Organizations can make three changes ...

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  • New Commvault Cloud Services Coming This Fall for Endpoint Data Protection and Email Archiving Solutions

    Posted 06/23/2016 by Yvonne Dresser

    I am excited to announce that new Commvault cloud service offerings from our product portfolio are coming soon! What’s available now is an Early Adopter Program (EAP) for our Endpoint Data Protection with File Sharing and Email Archive services. This is a white glove program that runs through September 2016 with early adopter pricing discounts. Customers participating in the early adopter program can use this fully-managed cloud service to automatically and securely back up data on employee lapt...

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  • Who Knew Cloud Storage Was 'Cool?'

    Posted 06/17/2016 by Randy De Meno

    I had the pleasure of presenting three times at the recent Cloud Expo in New York City. It was a nice chance to stay local and almost be at home during an industry event. At the Expo, I was struck by how many people asked me: 'What Cloud technology do you suggest?' We are regularly entertaining that question from customers and partners more and more at Commvault. It feels eerily similar to several years ago, when we were frequently asked: 'What SAN/NAS do we suggest?' The times they have a chang...

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  • Commvault Software and Cloud First Strategies

    Posted 06/15/2016 by Don Foster

    In my recent travels around the globe, I have had the pleasure to talk with a number of partners, customers and industry pundits about real cloud strategy and what it means for IT and business. As many would expect, these conversations often focus on being able to drive a tangible strategy for moving workloads to cloud-based environments, executing disaster recovery (DR) tests for the Cloud in the Cloud and even driving disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) for many typical on-premise applica...

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