Modern Data Management Solutions for VMware

Server virtualization solutions, including VMware, are transforming today’s IT organizations by offering high consolidation, rapid scalability and deep cost reductions. Commvault software removes the data protection roadblocks that can slow your journey to server virtualization and IT as a service. With an innovative approach that enables users to rapidly deploy and scale VMware virtual server technologies, Commvault software accelerates virtualization adoption and time to value. Learn more about modern data management.

Scalable VMware data protection

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  • Protect hundreds of virtual machines in minutes with Commvault’s technology for virtual servers.
  • Deploy fast, near-zero impact data protection for VMware with off-host operations that leverage Commvault software's global source-side deduplication and grid-based architecture along with efficiency capabilities in the latest VMware APIs for Data Protection (VADP) like Change Block Tracking.
  • Leverage highly scalable, highly resilient Virtual Machine protection in a "grid-based" architecture for data protection.
  • Virtualize critical applications while meeting optimized data protection SLAs. With Commvault’s technology, organizations can recover from rapid-fire hardware snapshots for granular RPO and recover business data in just a few minutes to meet demanding RTO requirements.
  • Unify data protection of physical and vCenter and vCloud environments with a single-software solution.

Optimized VMware data management

  • Automate the protection of VMs, leveraging fully customizable VM auto-discovery rules to ensure that no VM goes unprotected.
  • Employ policy-based storage tiering to automatically protect and retain VM's based on their business value and need in VMware environments.
  • Access a converged management interface for a familiar view of virtual machine data.
  • Leverage VM Archiving to detect and eliminate VM sprawl.
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Accelerate access to data

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  • Empower VMware administrators with self-service recovery options through the Commvault vCenter plug-in.
  • The connected workforce can access its own files and emails through web and mobile devices.
  • Go beyond simple "file, volume and full VM recovery" with a huge array of recovery automation and tools designed to accelerate VM recovery operations.
  • Accelerate and simplify disaster recovery with Commvault’s automated “Virtualize Me” process.
  • Learn more about Virtualize Me.

Leverage cloud infrastructure with data management for VMware vCloud Director

  • Achieve optimized protection and rapid, single-step recoveries straight to vCloud without complex, manual intermediate steps.
  • Deliver customized services and SLAs to customers, departments or end users while optimizing the utilization and provisioning of resources with policy-based, multi-tenancy controls.
  • Maintain compliance with embedded security and encryption controls that ensure tenant data is retained in highly a secure format, while access controls are closely tied to security policies (including Active Directory and LADP policies).
  • Automate highly complex or repetitive tasks with workflow automation tools that streamline management of large-scale infrastructure.
  • Access advanced reporting capabilities with dashboard summary views of current operating conditions as compared to historical and best practices.
  • Streamline service delivery and cost management with custom chargeback reporting capabilities.
  • Learn more about security and encryption and workflow automation.
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