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Redefine backup and recovery for your Oracle environment.

Snapshot Integration

Dramatically improve Oracle recovery with IntelliSnap technology.

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As an Oracle Platinum Partner, CommVault provides superior Oracle database protection options. By deploying single-platform Simpana data protection and information management software, Oracle databases and mission critical business applications can be protected efficiently and within minutes. Whether your configuration is single instance, real application clusters or Exadata, the ability to protect the database as a cold backup, hot backup of full RMAN or streaming backup is fully supported, as is integration with RMAN catalog. DBA's can locate, recover and restore databases from backups that are stored in the cloud, on deduplicated disk or on tape using native RMAN commands.

If the database is provisioned on a storage architecture that is snapable (copy-on-write, or deferred write) or cloneable, then Simpana software can help you automate and improve recovery speed, duplicate a database and quickly build an Oracle standby database. It can seamlessly coordinate putting the Oracle database in hot backup mode, interfacing with the storage array to snap or clone then removing the database from hot backup mode. The subsequent snap or clone can then be mounted on a proxy host, all while minimizing impact on the production application. You can also mix RMAN streaming backups with storage array snapshots for clones of the same database.

Boost productivity and efficiency while shrinking risks by leveraging automated, application-consistent hardware snapshots.

Benefits of Integrating Simpana® Software in your Oracle Environment

  • Leverage flexible recovery scenarios to meet your needs, including full database recovery (to a specific point-in-time or SCN—System Change Number), individual Tablespace, database table restore and database file
  • Shorten the time required to fully recover a database with the ability to make synthetic full backups. After an initial full database image backup, incremental backups are automatically applied to the full database backup.
  • Deliver management flexibility and efficiency by initiating Simpana software backup processes from within Oracle OEM Grid Control
  • Auto-discover and backup new Oracle databases to ensure reliable protection without administrator involvement
  • Reduce troubleshooting time, gain clear insights, and manage your Oracle protection operations proactively with integrated reporting on Simpana trends, utilization, success rates and a host of other parameters designed to simplify data management
  • Eliminate redundant data at the source with network efficient, global deduplication
  • Create high speed recovery and secondary copies with no Oracle host impact while protecting Oracle, Oracle on Windows and SAP/Oracle on Windows databases in a consistent manner. Produce snapshots and backups from a snapshot through Simpana IntelliSnap hardware snapshot management operations that are then cataloged in RMAN.
  • Benefit from mixed mode support for streaming log backups and snapshots of database files to be intermingled seamlessly for restoration
  • Reduce complexity and speed protection by eliminating duplicate processes with IntelliSnap integrated Oracle Log management


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