It’s time to decommission your legacy PACS infrastructure

Hospital data is growing by 30 percent each year — with half of it made up of medical imaging data. Only by centralizing and modernizing their clinical archiving infrastructure can hospitals increase efficiency, improve collaboration, and reduce storage and maintenance costs.

The first step in this process is to decommission your high-cost legacy PACS systems and applications. Commvault Clinical Archive leverages our comprehensive data management platform to make this process faster and easier. Once archived, your legacy data remains available for access by a new PACS or for bulk migration in the future. This also positions you to make the jump to a full-fledged medical archival and management platform that supports a mix of clinical application systems — improving the way you manage your data over the longer term.


Medical imaging data now comprising
over 50% of a hospital’s total data.1

A simpler, more cost-effective way to retire,
migrate and manage data

Using our clinical archiving solution to manage your legacy PACS data not only eliminates the costs and complexities of maintaining multiple archive silos — it also simplifies how you manage and access your data.

With Commvault, all of your archived data is readily available for search, reconciliation and routing. Here’s how it works:

  • We extract your data from your existing PACS infrastructure — in its original format.
  • If you want to use your data for future clinical uses, you can choose to “clean” your data during that initial extraction or on-demand as it is routed to other clinical systems.
  • You can also configure the clinical archive to deliver relevant historical studies for patients identified in a DICOM modality worklist or HL7 ADT interface.

A unique partnership for
rapid data migration

If you choose to migrate your archived data to Commvault’s data management platform, the industry experience of our partner, Laitek, makes that transition fast and seamless. This unique partnership combines our proven expertise in data management and protection with Laitek’s innovations in rapid PACS data migration for healthcare facilities of all sizes. The result is a best-in-class solution that makes it easier than ever to meet your PACS archiving and management needs — both now and in the future.

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1(Source: ESG. (2011) North American Health Care Provider Market Size & Forecast)