Ransomware protection and recovery

You’ve seen the headlines – organizations with their data held hostage and payouts to perpetrators to restore it. With new strains of ransomware and other malware threats on the rise, your enterprise and customer data is continually at risk despite the steps you have taken.

What’s New? Ransomware Protection Offerings!

Commvault Ransomware Protection Offerings combine product and services offerings, allowing you to tailor your ransomware protection and response coverage.

Your data is under constant attack


CISOs feel at risk of suffering a cyberattack.1


IT organizations will face one or more ransomware attacks.2


average cost for rectifying a ransomware attack.3

Commvault Ransomware Risk Assessment

How confident are you in your ransomware protection and recovery capabilities? Take this 5-minute, 15 question assessment and learn how you can protect, detect and recover from ransomware.

Powerful capabilities to secure your data

Commvault solutions are built on responsiveness, innovation, and rapid execution to stay ahead of ransomware and emerging threats.

How do enterprises protect and recover their data from ransomware with Commvault? Hear from customers like the State of Colorado, Shikun & Binui, City of Sparks, and more.

Don’t be caught with a hole in your ransomware protection

Like the back of your pants, how do you know if you have holes in your ransomware protection and recovery? Other data protection products make claims about having immutability, or air gap, or data isolation. But having only one or two data protection features does not provide the comprehensive coverage you require. Don’t be caught with your data exposed with an inferior product.    

Leading analyst firms have highlighted Commvault for its innovation and differentiation in ransomware protection and recovery. And Commvault was singled out for allowing users to validate backup copies by performing isolated recoveries of data to a networkless VM environment for verification. Commvault has your back by helping you check for holes in your backups. Read more

See how Commvault can secure your data management environment using intelligent data protection and monitoring capabilities that specifically target malware, including ransomware

A layered approach to ransomware protection and recovery

Commvault secures your data management environment using intelligent data protection, and monitoring capabilities aimed explicitly against malware, including ransomware. Your data is safe, secure, and recovery ready. Following the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework standards and best practices and controls up and down the backup and recovery stack, this multi-layered approach delivers comprehensive data protection.

“If we had not already converted to Commvault, we probably would have been weeks trying to get everything back. We were able to do it in 12 hours.”

– Steve Davidek, Information Technology Manager, City of Sparks

“Thanks to the encryption and security feature with Commvault, it gives us confidence that our backup copies are in a complete locked state and cannot be touched in the event of ransomware attacks.”

– Sachin Jain, CIO & CISO, Evalueserve

“Commvault detected this ransomware really before any of my tool suites because of the way it came into our organization.”

– David McCurdy, Chief Technology Officer, State of Colorado

Ransomware and Rapid Data Recovery in City of Sparks

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Evalueserve ensures data availability and security with Commvault

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Commvault Customer Champion Live: State of Colorado

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Anomaly Detection: Your eyes for keeping your data safe

Keeping your data safe and minimizing business disruption is an essential part of the Commvault solution. Learn how to combat ransomware with anomaly detection.

The most robust ransomware recovery solution

With ransomware, there is both opportunity and risk – that’s the reality for businesses today and the people responsible for protecting the data. So how do you prepare? With Commvault solutions, you can ensure you can do the things that matters most if you fall victim: Recover Fast.  Commvault supports you with:

Most complete protection and broadest coverage.

Best visibility across your data to manage and identify risk.

Consistent, repeatable processes and the most recovery options

Ransomware technology requirements

Security-conscious organizations like yours can trust Commvault on data recovery and get their business back up and running in no time. Through our multi-layered security approach to data protection and management, your organization benefits from:

Protection from one platform, radically simple

Don’t let ransomware make your organization a victim. With Commvault, you’ll have an end-to-end solution that improves threat and risk mitigation across all endpoints and applications. One dashboard lets you do everything — easily. Set up data protection, identify content to protect, monitor backups and restores, and recover data and applications quickly.  You will always have recovery readiness and greater confidence in your data backup, recovery, and compliance.

With flexible deployment options, you can choose:

  • Commvault Complete™ Data Protection: a unified solution combining Commvault® Backup & Recovery with Commvault Disaster Recovery to deliver enterprise-grade data protection and recovery that is powerful and easy to use.
    Learn about Complete Data Protection
  • Commvault HyperScale™ X: intuitive and easy to deploy integrated data protection solution that supports Commvault’s Intelligent Data Services platform. The scale-out infrastructure provides unmatched scalability, security, and resiliency to accelerate an organization’s move to hybrid cloud, container, and virtualized environments. HyperScale X provides the first level of defense with immutable storage, also known as ransomware lock.
    Explore Commvault HyperScale™ X
  • Metallic Cloud Storage Service (MCSS): seamlessly combines cloud storage with layered, air-gapped cloud security built right in. Commvault manages secure and restrictive account access and data isolation so that you can guard secondary copies against ransomware and other threats.
    Check out Metallic Cloud Storage Service
  • Commvault Readiness Solutions: accelerate returning to normal business operations after a ransomware attack or other data loss event with the proper plan, design, support, and response.
    Take a look at Commvault Readiness Solutions

Ransomware offerings simplify protection and recovery

Commvault Ransomware Protection Solutions combine product and solutions offerings, allowing you to tailor protection coverage to meet your needs. Each bundle includes the Commvault Ransomware Protection Service that provides two security assessments per year and five days of operational recovery support. 

Learn more about Ransomware Offerings

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Data protection software needs to share your mission with proven technology.

Learn how to secure your data, your recovery and your mission.


1 Proofpoint, Voice of the CISO 2021 Report, May 12, 2021

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