The State of Data Readiness and Cyber Resiliency
in ANZ

Gain a deeper insight into the cybersecurity landscape in ANZ and explore strategies for cyber resiliency. 

Businesses in Australia and New Zealand are navigating a complex landscape of data security and regulatory demands. As regulations increasingly aim to safeguard consumer and citizen data, the responsibility on companies to secure, protect, and recover their data environments intensifies.

Organizations are actively seeking to enhance or develop their capabilities to maintain business operations with minimal disruptions, even in the face of cyber threats. The goal is to eliminate or significantly minimize delays in recovery following security breaches. However, The State of Data Readiness Report* reveals significant challenges faced by these businesses in resuming operations swiftly after a cyberattack, pointing to notable gaps in cyber resilience.

For a deeper understanding of the cybersecurity landscape in Australia and New Zealand, and to learn more strategies for enhancing cyber defenses, download The State of Data Readiness Report which explores a number of topics including:

  • Data growth, infrastructure, and dark data issues
  • Breach recovery of data and performance
  • Cyber resiliency maturity levels
  • The use of AI solutions in offensive and defensive cyber security operations
  • Considerations for strengthening and enhancing cyber resiliency capabilities

* The State of Data Readiness Report, commissioned by Commvault and conducted in partnership with Tech Research Asia (TRA), surveyed IT leaders and decision-makers from over 400 organisations across the ANZ region.