Extensible API-First Integrations

Transform your business and unlock new possibilities with our extensible and open API-first integrations.

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Streamline Security

Enhance security with integrated solutions

Our integrations provide insights and visibility to identify risk, defend against data breaches, and recover quickly.

Reduce risk  

Obtain insights from multiple solutions for in-depth visibility. Identify and respond to potential threats quickly, minimizing the risk of a data breach.

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Improve efficiency 

Simplify management of multiple products to optimize IT resources, reduce errors, and free up time for other tasks. You can manage it all from one pane of glass with Commvault.

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Automate critical operations 

Easily integrate solutions to manage scheduling actions, automate repetitive tasks and respond to events. 

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Improve collaboration 

See context and insights across platforms with a unified interface for data and services.

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Unify your IT Landscape

Featured integration partners

Commvault-supported integration partners deliver diverse cyber resilience options for an integrated hybrid environment. 


Commvault’s integration with CyberArk enhances security by separating credential storage from backup environments. This helps organizations follow strong zero trust practices and comply with strict regulations.


Darktrace and Commvault integration provides a single platform for incident response, combining the power of AI threat intel and cyber recovery.

Dell PowerProtect DD

Maximize your data protection performance, security, and simplicity, while reducing RTOs with Commvault’s cyber resilient platform and Dell Technologies PowerProtect DD appliances.


Commvault has partnered with Entrust, a leader in post-quantum cryptography and data encryption, to secure data from current and future cyber threats to ensure cyber resiliency.

Microsoft Sentinel

Use automated workflows and playbooks to limit the impact of cyberthreats on production and backup data – without multiple interfaces or manual interventions.


The Commvault and Netskope integration enhances your security posture, providing combined insights and visibility to help identify and respond to potential threats quickly.

Palo Alto Networks – Cortex XSOAR

Our integration with Cortex XSOAR helps streamline complex security operations and efficiently maintain a robust security posture.


Commvault and Service Now enable users to efficiently share backup data while enforcing corporate data sharing policies to ensure security of sensitive information.