Harness the Power of Two

Our Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partner Advantage Program is designed to help your business thrive by accelerating time to market, growing your customer base, and increasing margins all while providing your clients with secure and compliant data resilience.

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Discover more about Commvault’s MSP Program

Learn how you can help deliver next-generation cyber resilience in the hybrid world.

Program Benefits

Unparalleled resilience & peace of mind

Leverage scalable and efficient data security services to enhance your managed services portfolio.

Breadth of coverage

Deliver absolute resilience to protect all your customer’s data wherever it lives.

Time to value

Quickly onboard new tenants. Efficiently deploy, monitor, and manage client data.

Increase margins

Complete your services portfolio and protect your customers as you help them transform.


Build an elastic business model with reduced operational costs.

Cloud simplification

Enjoy zero hardware requirements, no capital expenses, and built-in product upgrades.

Customer satisfaction

Ensure unparalleled resilience and peace of mind.


Radically simplified experience

The MSP Portal handles all your management needs.

Infinite scale

Remote management across all client workloads.

Quick time to value

Rapidly onboard new tenants with ease inside your portal.

Seamless experience

Simple operational workflow across the tenant lifecycle

Reduce operational costs

Streamline data management, billing, and operations.


Unlocking new opportunities

Find out how our MSPs are leveraging our program for success

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StorVault MSP and Commvault

Experience the powerful partnership between Commvault and StorVault as they collaborate to eliminate challenges and enhance ease-of-use through a solution-based approach.

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GM Sectec and Commvault

Explore how GM Sectec maximizes the benefits of our cyber deception technology, Threatwise, to enhance their backup and recovery strategy.

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Verinex and Commvault

Uncover the benefits of Verinex with Commvault Cloud Platform’s data management and protection capabilities.