What’s New in Commvault Cloud?

Our latest release is packed with innovative new capabilities and services revealed at our SHIFT event. Experience true cloud cyber resilience.


Platform Release 2024

Try the latest release of Commvault Cloud today and elevate your cyber resilience & data protection strategy to new heights.
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Cleanroom Recovery

Revolutionize the way your organization prepares for and recovers from a cyberattack.

• Gain a secure, clean environment for cost effective recovery testing, isolated forensics, and rapid production recovery.

• Ensure malware-free data, plus a clean recovery location.

• Improve resilience with proactive incident response testing.

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Arlie – an AI co-pilot to improve cyber resilience posture.

• Gain real-time threat analysis and concise custom reporting.

• Simplify building integrations, workflows, and actions with rapid generative-AI assistance.

• Perform new tasks quickly with context-sensitive guided walk-throughs.

• Optimize and tune your system with AI-powered troubleshooting and recommendations. 

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Cloudburst Recovery

Enables mass recovery of any workload, from any location, to any location – at scale.

• Automate scalable recovery with cloud scale.
• Ensure efficient and cost-effective recovery using just-in-time automation.
• Leverage any-to-any portability to recover any workload, from any location, to any location.

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Platinum Resilience

Platinum Resilience delivers the industry’s most powerful and comprehensive cyber resilience capabilities.

• Safeguard globally distributed, hybrid workloads with a centralize, dedicated, and cloud-isolated management layer.

• 24/7 expertise to ensure data security is up-to-date, readiness is continually monitored, and cyber recovery is fast, reliable, and successful.

• Backed by the Commvault Protection Warranty to give everyone from IT managers to board members peace of mind that recovery from an attack is guaranteed. 

Unified Management

Streamline and simplify data protection with unified management, real-time insights, and consolidated views of your data.

• Reduced overheads and risk of managing hybrid or distributed environments.
• Global visibility of protected workloads, reducing data silos.
• Policy-based management of configurations and entities across multiple environments. 

Threatwise Advisor

AI-powered intelligence recommends decoy placement by surveying workloads in the backup environments.

• Rapidly deploy decoys for immediate surface area coverage. 

• Simplifies configuration process to safeguard data based on guided recommendations. 

• Takes the guesswork out of where to place decoys. 

Threat Scan

Help ensure your backup data is safe and recoverable with our latest enhancements.

• Reduce the risk of reinfection while maintaining immutability.

• Enhance your security posture to quarantine malware, infected files, & threats automatically.

• Improve recovery with the last known clean backup data.  

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Risk Analysis

Our latest enhancements provide the simplicity and flexibility for organizations to identify sensitive data and user privileges.

• Reduces risk and improves recovery process by identifying the sensitive data and user privileges across cloud and secondary copies.
• Quickly identify unauthorized or suspicious access to sensitive data 

• Enables customers to do dark data assessment to manage risks, instilling trust and confidence.

Auto Recovery

Secure, automated, cyber and disaster recovery – now even simpler.

• Make it easier for users to navigate and achieve their goals efficiently. 

• Minimize users’ time learning how to use the product, accelerating their adoption and engagement. 

• Reduce the likelihood of user errors, contributing to a smoother and error-free user experience.  in the cloud. 

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Amazon S3 Express One Zone 

Protect and recover data that lives in this new storage class from Amazon S3 Express One Zone Storage Class

• Expand your breadth of workload support and full coverage of Amazon S3.

• Simplifies protection and restores of this new storage class with our familiar platform.

• Restore in place and out of place to the same storage class or standard S3 seamlessly.  

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Agentless File Activity Monitoring for Virtual Machines

Identify anomalous file activity changes within Virtual Machine backups to effectively respond, investigate, and recover clean versions of data.

• Helps identify backups that may contain maliciously changed content.

• Easily locate clean versions of virtual machine backups for recovery.
• Provides data insight that Security teams can use to enrich threat intelligence.