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Metallic AI – the engine that powers a new approach to cyber resilience.

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Detect risks faster

Attackers fly under the radar with AI, making ransomware quiet and hard to detect. Where traditional anomaly detection and entropy techniques fall short, Metallic AI delivers, using AI to fight AI.

The category’s only cyber resilience platform gives you AI-driven threat prediction, helping you find AI-driven ransomware faster. Minimize the blast radius of an attack and ensure rapid, reliable recovery from a cyber event.

Recover rapidly

Leverage AI-driven bursting so you can recover at cloud scale, even on-prem recovery.

Fix and fix fast

From scanning large data sets for sensitive data to recommendations to ensure compliance, Metallic AI gives you the automatic intelligence you need to find and fix fast.

Minimize cost

Gain unparalleled efficiency and speed for backing up and recovering any data, across any location, to anywhere – at a fraction of the cost.


Wondering how to do backup better? Ask Arlie.

Meet the new AI assistant designed to give real-time insights and specific action steps you can use to diagnose security health and optimize your cyber resilience. Ask anything, Arlie answers, problem solved.

generative ai

Arlie can help you do more, faster.

Generate code

Just type. Want to build an integration? Code an action? A quick request will generate the code for you, getting you started with best practices and well-architected code.

Share safely

Rapidly search across massive data sets to ensure they are safe to share before they land in a Data Lake so only the right information is shared with the right people.

Automate insights

Get real-time analysis and report summaries showing the latest about your cyber resiliency health so you don’t have to sift through filters and reports to prioritize the most pressing information.

Optimize automatically

Automatically monitor your settings and performance to keep Commvault Cloud tuned to optimize your cyber resilience.

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Securing more than 100,000 companies

Every security and IT leader is pressured to do more with less. That’s why I’m excited to see Commvault using AI to drive cyber recovery with the power CISOs require, and with the cloud simplicity, speed, and scale my team wants on a daily basis.

Michele Buschman, Chief Information Officer

American Pacific Mortgage

Powerful AI-infused capabilities

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Risk Analysis

Identify sensitive data, assign classifications, and define automated policies to ensure your enterprise’s data is secure and managed correctly. 

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Threat Scan

Eliminate the risk of reinfection by identifying backup data threats early.

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Backup and Recovery

Ensure data security and availability across all workloads and environments with the industry’s most comprehensive data platform. 

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