Microsoft Azure  

Seamlessly secure and recover any workload with a unified platform optimized for Azure.    

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True, cloud cyber resilience 

Data resiliency with Commvault Cloud on Microsoft Azure is best in class for many reasons.  


Average savings in backup administrative costs.1


Average number of solutions replaced by our single, unified platform.1


Reduction in data footprint.1

1. ESG Report, November 2023, Analyzing the Economic Benefits of Cyber Resilience with Commvault Cloud.

Cloud-first security and resilience 

Commvault solutions enhance customers’ ability to orchestrate every aspect of their security and cyber resilience strategy – including costs – to accelerate digital transformation. 

Integrated security and ransomware protection 

Layered security and zero trust architecture framework to reduce attack surface and eliminate security gaps within your infrastructure. 

Separate security domains to protect against supply chain attacks and automatically secure storage, applications, and the backup infrastructure from unauthorized changes. 

Commvault Cloud Air Gap Protect for immutable storage of backup copies, with encryption in-flight and at rest. 

Bi-directional integration with Microsoft Sentinel for streamlined alerts on cybersecurity posture. 

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Resilience for every workload 

As a native service built on Azure, we secure and recover every workload with API-integrated backups. This simplifies and accelerates backup and recovery.

Unique capabilities to identify and ensure clean recovery, plus the ability to guarantee safe recovery to a cleanroom in Azure. 

Enterprise-grade recovery with full failover/failback capabilities and configurable options to meet every RTO. 

Adopt the cloud as a recovery site and eliminate the need for costly secondary data centers. 

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Streamline workload migration 

Accelerate your digital transformation or enhance your organization’s agility by easily moving workloads from on-premises to the Azure or other cloud vendors to Azure. 

Commvault provides mobility for VM, Database, and Application data across clouds – meaning complete portability for your applications. 

Deduplication and compression reduce storage and network egress costs.  Tiered storage options to balance recovery demands and cost. 

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Microsoft 365 Backup integration 

Commvault Cloud integrates Microsoft 365 Backup via Syntex API so customers can fully manage data resilience for Microsoft 365 data in one place. 

Streamlined, unified response to disaster incidents for Microsoft 365 data.  

Use with Commvault Cloud Air Gap Protect for true, air-gapped backups for resilience in face of cyberthreats. 

Optimize resilience strategy and cost of Microsoft native solution for snapshot-based, rapid recovery of ”high value” data with the cost-effective, granular recovery options of Commvault Cloud. 

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Azure AI integration 

Commvault Cloud Risk Analysis integrates with Azure AI to enhance the recognition of diverse data types within sensitive datasets.  

The synergy between Azure AI and Commvault Cloud Risk Analysis facilitates more accurate data governance and continuously adapts as datasets evolve. 

Commvault Cloud’s AI-driven algorithms can identify intricate patterns defining various data categories and business domains.  

Deep learning and text analytics capabilities of Azure AI Services boost data classification accuracy, efficiency, and compliance even in complex unstructured data.

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