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You're looking to Microsoft Azure solutions to help enable your digital transformation. You want to deliver key business applications more quickly, with higher quality.  Gain Azure benefits now – and bolster strategic initiatives into the future with Azure and Commvault.

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Align Hybrid Cloud and Data Management

With support for cloud workloads critical to your competitive success, you’re facing some concerns. Is my data safe; and if something happens, can I recover it? You can’t afford for sensitive corporate or customer data to be vulnerable. Plus, your Service Level Agreements will be meaningless—and lead to lost revenue—if you’re unable to meet them because of your data’s location.

It’s a serious challenge to manage, secure and ensure the availability of cloud-based data when your workloads are growing. If you use multiple point solutions to handle these tasks, you have further complexity and limitations. This situation adds expense and risk to future conversions.

A simpler approach to cloud data management

Move, manage and use data through a single platform

Centralize data governance policies

Access Azure backup, recovery and eDiscovery capabilities

You’ll be able to mitigate risks and realize improved control over data when you leverage the longtime Commvault and Microsoft partnership, which includes native support for Microsoft Azure. You’ll manage both your on-premises and cloud-based data through a single platform that employs centralized policies to assure data governance. You’ll also have access to comprehensive data backup, recovery, management and eDiscovery capabilities so you can maximize your use of Azure. Finally, you’ll benefit from support for a full range of Microsoft products. Integrate with Azure Virtual Machines, Azure SQL Database and Azure Blob Storage (Hot and Cool). Enable data management for Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, Active Directory and Office 365. Take advantage of support for Azure Archive Storage, Azure Stack, Azure Data Box, ExpressRoute and Azure Import/Export.

Through this end-to-end, secure approach, you’ll confidently locate data when you need to restore it. As a result, you’ll promote the digital transformation necessary to your organization’s success. SAP customers looking to manage and migrate their SAP environments to Azure need a solution that can meet or exceed requirements for SAP data management and protection while reducing costs and improving efficiency, also remaining compliant with stringent SLAs. Commvault and Microsoft leverage 20-plus years of partnership, teaming up to design, test and document the industry-leading solution.

Protecting and Managing SAP HANA in Azure with Commvault

Enterprise Class Recovery for SAP in Azure

Extend the Commvault Advantage™ to Azure Data Box

Azure Data Box is designed to simplify the migration of terabytes and petabytes of data to Azure – automate and accelerate the process with Commvault.

Accelerate migration

Complete protection

Optimize workloads

Commvault unified data management extends to Azure Data Box, making it easy to accelerate migration, seamlessly protect data in migration, and maintain the advantages of Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery as you migrate large chunks of data to Azure. With Commvault, Azure Data Box simply becomes another place where your data lives—even if it is only during massive data migrations.

Azure Data Box is allowing us to accelerate the retirement of physical media by quickly and easily moving our Commvault backup content into Azure. The Azure Data Box got the job done in a fraction of the time it would have taken to copy our data over the network

– Bob Mello, Infrastructure Manager, University of Central Florida

Commvault for Azure Stack Hybrid Cloud

Unified data management across Azure Stack and Azure makes it easy to optimize and gain efficiencies throughout your hybrid cloud

Rapid migration and portability to and from Azure Stack and Azure

Native data backup, archive and recovery to meet your compliance requirements

Unified data management for efficiencies on-premises and in the cloud

Learn more about rapid data migration for Azure Stack

Learn more about Azure Stack backup and recovery

Support your digital transformation:

Lower-cost backup and recovery:

Replace tape storage and save money; eliminate complicated and expensive tape operations with cloud-based data backup.

Automated Azure backup for VMs:

Gain natively integrated, agentless backup for Azure virtual machines. Enjoy greater scalability and management efficiency in the way you apply data protection to workloads.

Enterprise-class disaster recovery in the cloud:

Operationalize and optimize disaster recovery in the cloud wherever data originates, employing automated, “lights-out” functionality.

Improved recovery times:

Meet more aggressive SLA demands with fast Azure data recovery in a production-ready state.

Seamless, low-risk migration to Azure cloud:

Move workloads across platforms in just a few clicks. Reduce migration risk and streamline native moves to and from Azure. Plus, authentication and encryption protocols offer data security to, from and in the cloud.

Try Commvault in Azure Marketplace

Commvault provides the only data management platform you need to move, manage and use data across on-premises and cloud locations – the new hybrid IT. Our 60-day free trial available on the Azure Marketplace is ideal for proof of concepts, demos and trials, and can be upgraded to a fully licensed version. With your existing Azure Subscription and our Azure Marketplace trial, you can quickly and easily set up Azure as a target for Commvault. Try us for 60 days and learn how Commvault can help you seamlessly extend your data center to the cloud and enable a new level of business agility.

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