Microsoft Azure data management and data protection

Managing and protecting your data means optimizing Microsoft Azure for cloud backup and recovery—and a lot more. It’s complete Azure intelligent hybrid and cloud data management with Commvault.  Make sure you’re able to migrate data to Azure with ease, protect your data from ransomware, use Azure for cloud disaster recovery, and gain complete data portability, visibility and recoverability. Be ready with Commvault.

Harness the Power of Azure

Adding Commvault to Azure makes sure your data is protected, recoverable, and discoverable:

  • Native integration speeds migration into Azure.
  • Pull data into Azure from literally anywhere.
  • A single view of your data solves the visibility (and compliance & eDiscovery) issue.
  • Automation & orchestration simplify operations, reducing risk and costs.
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The partnership

Commvault and Microsoft are built on 20+ years of collaboration and trust.

Microsoft trusts Commvault. Shouldn’t you?

Commvault and Microsoft: Leading by example

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Protecting Your Data in a Distributed, Hybrid Cloud World

Featuring experts from Microsoft, HPE and Commvault   

What Commvault and Azure can do:

Solve critical data management backup and recovery issues by using Azure with Commvault as your next data center:

  • Eliminate tape libraries, transportation logistics, and third-party records companies
  • Avoid your next storage hardware refresh or forklift upgrade—eliminate hardware
  • Move your backup and recovery to easy to manage SaaS with Metallic

Move mission critical applications to Azure

Trust your mission critical databases, applications and data to our experience (it’s more than SAP HANA backup on Azure):

  • Depend on Commvault’s proven SAP HANA on Azure expertise
  • Enable long term retention for Azure PaaS OpenSource databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Maria)
  • Recover in minutes, not hours.
  • AI-driven protection against ransomware and malicious threats
  • 1 click SAP system refreshes
  • Full support for SQL and SQL/Azure

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Thinking of managing your open source databases on Microsoft Azure PaaS?

Hybrid cloud ready? Enhance & protect Azure Stack

Just as Azure Stack and Azure provide a single platform for hybrid cloud, Commvault mirrors this approach by providing a single platform to manage, migrate and protect data and applications across Azure, Azure Stack, and on the edge—creating the perfect hybrid cloud.

With the advantage of running fully native in Azure Stack, Commvault enables immediate migration from wherever your data is to and from Azure, Azure Stack or anywhere else data resides.

Get the details on Commvault data management for Azure Stack.

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How to build the perfect hybrid cloud: Optimizing & transforming data management

Featuring experts from HPE, Microsoft and Commvault

Try Commvault in Azure Marketplace

Our 60-day free trial available on the Azure Marketplace is ideal for proof of concepts, demos and trials, and can be upgraded to a fully licensed version. Try us for 60 days and learn how Commvault can help you seamlessly extend your data center to the cloud and enable a new level of business agility.

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