By Sanjay Mirchandani As a former CIO turned CEO, I can’t help but be excited about the rapidly shifting technology landscape. For years, IT leaders have tried everything to compress and minimize the cost, footprint and complexity of managing the ever-increasing deluge of data. I know, I was one of them. These same leaders are […]

By Christophe Bertrand Make no mistake: the recent announcement of the Hedvig acquisition is going to profoundly affect how Commvault moves forward as a company and as a platform. It is significant in many ways. It addresses fundamental infrastructure and operational issues both current and future, for its customer base and the market in general. […]

By Doug Morris and Thorston Thorpe Introduction There has been a significant increase in the number of ransomware attacks and payments by organizations in 2019.  Businesses of all types have been adversely affected by ransomware crippling productivity and consumer confidence. Technology leaders have now begun to plan for ransomware attacks, understanding that a paradigm shift […]

By Randy De Meno Collaboration extends to ensure the confidence of Commvault data management, protection and recovery to low latency, high IOPS Azure Ultra Disk As Microsoft enters General Availability of its new Microsoft Azure Ultra Disk offering, Commvault is once again proud to show off our engineering collaboration with Microsoft.  The new high performing […]

By Sandy Hamilton Based on a quick search at urban dictionary, we were able to defy an extremely popular expression in the first quarter by having our proverbial cake and eating it too (because, clearly, you can only have it so good and can’t have it all, as the definition goes on to explain). That’s because, in […]

By Chris Powell At Commvault, we believe there are no greater champions than our customers. They look after the data others use and are a proud group defending it. In that spirit, Commvault launched our Customer Champions Program to showcase, celebrate and powerfully connect our customers. The Commvault Customer Champions Program provides the benefit of camaraderie among […]

By Nigel Tozer In my 12-year tenure at Commvault, NetApp has been an ever-present technology partner, with integration deepening as both companies have expanded our respective value propositions around data. An alliance with NetApp makes perfect sense for both parties: we have complementary portfolios, a shared channel and pretty much the same list of major […]

By Keith Townsend With challenges such as integrating Kubernetes, serverless architectures and continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD) into current operations, why is backup a CTO-level consideration? If your existing data protection company focuses only on backup and recovery, you are doing your organization a disservice. Today’s data protection landscape goes far beyond backup and recovery. Enterprise […]

By Luis Marini In an age in which we stay connected at the touch of a button (#IoTlife), practicing sustainability is not only important but pretty fun. Let’s start with where I spend most of my time: home and work. Home, sweet smart home. On Dec. 18, 2017, I began my smart home journey by ordering my Echo (thank you […]

Meet Commvault At Microsoft Inspire By Randy De Meno I’m excited to be heading to Microsoft Inspire – being held July 14-18 in Las Vegas – as Commvault adds more focus on partners, migration to Azure and Office 365. Commvault and Microsoft continue to work together to enhance our customer’s data management, protection and compliance […]

By Chris Powell Dustin Hoffman’s character received some famous advice in the movie classic “The Graduate.” “I want to say one word to you. Just one word … Plastics.” Given the movie was set in the 1960s, I’m sure the family friend’s unsolicited advice referred to the exciting business opportunities that would arise with the wide availability of plastics. Here […]

This is the fifth blog in a five-part series on risk mitigation and how Commvault can help. Access the fourth blog. Warren Buffet once said, “Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.”  Flipping that statement around a little, but following the same logic: “Risk is reduced by knowing what you are doing.” That comment […]

By Bill Byron Concevitch Thought leaders gather in Atlanta to share insight, offer advice The Hybrid Cloud Nirvana Executive Summit brought together thought leaders from Commvault, Cisco and Microsoft to share perspective and insight with executives from Atlanta-area companies. The message? Hybrid cloud perfection may be closer than it appears, and IT executives that get […]