• We Reached The South Pole!

    Posted 01/15/2018 by Chris Powell

    Our remarkable journey has reached its final destination. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would say, “Today I stood at the South Pole.”

  • Capturing Data From the South Pole

    Posted 01/12/2018 by Chris Powell

    With all the information I've been sending from the South Pole Energy Challenge, I have not yet talked about how data is being captured from the expedition and what exactly Commvault is doing.

  • The Digital Tipping Point

    Posted 01/11/2018 by Nigel Williams

    A combination of a dramatic change in business requirements, coupled with regulatory upheaval, is taking IT organizations to a tipping point where they must take a much more proactive approach to understanding and managing their data.

  • At the 89th Parallel

    Posted 01/08/2018 by Chris Powell

    We arrived at the 89th Parallel on Saturday. On Friday night, we were instructed to be packed and ready to go in the morning. But as we found out at our 9:30 a.m. briefing, you don’t tell Antarctica what you are going to do - you do what it tells you to do.

  • An Unlikely Desert

    Posted 01/04/2018 by Chris Powell

    I arrived at Base Camp in Union Glacier on Wednesday after an unforgettable flight on a solid old beast of a Russian transport plane. Antarctica is a magnificent place and unlike anything I have ever seen.

  • Seizing The Digital Future

    Posted 01/04/2018 by Nigel Williams

    "The Innovator’s Dilemma" by Clayton M. Christensen is a classic text that outlines the challenges faced by innovators, and the impact of disruptive technologies on markets.

  • Taking Small Steps to Remarkable Change

    Posted 01/03/2018 by Bill Wohl

    Commvault is the official data partner for the South Pole Energy Challenge (SPEC) and 2041.com, providing complete backup and data protection for the critical data captured during all of the 2041 Foundation's history-making expeditions.

  • A New Year, A New Adventure

    Posted 12/29/2017 by Chris Powell

    For me, 2018 is going to be one of the most memorable years of my life. Why? Because I’m starting the New Year in a place I never dreamed of visiting - the South Pole.

  • Digital Versus the Weight of the Past

    Posted 12/14/2017 by Nigel Williams

    One of the most pressing issues of the digital age is managing what we have inherited from the past, which is inextricably linked to how we reimagine and re-engineer our business for the future.

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