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Protect your Workloads & Data Across any Cloud 

Seamlessly secure, manage, and recover data across diverse cloud environments with our game-changing hybrid cloud backup solution.

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Commvault Cloud delivers on the promise to minimize risk, secure your organization’s data, and lower costs.

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Data is everywhere. Master cloud data storage, protection and utilization.

Understand the current state of data across public, private and hybrid cloud environments with Commvault’s unified platform.

Locate sensitive data before it’s breached 

Scan & alert for sensitive data and automate the remediation process to secure your data before cyber threats occur.

Save money with deduplication and compression 

Dramatically reduce your storage requirements and move more data with less bandwidth.

Automate backups while controlling their frequency

Save time and effort with granular control.

How we do it

Safeguarding data across hybrid workloads 

Protect data everywhere

Protection where needed, across platforms. Cloud-native workloads, SaaS platforms, on-premises, and more. 

Conquer data silos 

Data sprawl is real, but you can mitigate its risks with smart cloud storage services – including data protection and management. 

Combat rising threats 

Defend against increasingly prevalent cybercrime, ransomware and insider threats to cut your risk of data loss and downtime. 

Modernize your apps 

Ensure data and app safety and recoverability amidst application refactoring and container adoption.  

Meet compliance demands  

Maintain data visibility and control – wherever your data lives – to meet evolving data privacy and compliance demands. 

Overcome resource constraints 

Maximize IT efficiency while navigating a cloud skills gap.

Featured Workloads

Support for everywhere your data lives

Learn more about our cloud-related supported technologies.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

Secure & recover your data with support for 30+ of the most popular AWS services. 

Google Cloud

Migrate, manage and secure your data in Google Cloud Platform with Commvault.


Protection for Azure, Microsoft 365, Azure AD, Microsoft DevOps, and so much more.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) 

The industry’s broadest support for OCI services.

VMware Cloud

Broad support for VMware cloud offerings on AWS, Azure and more.

All supported platforms 

Browse our list of 250+ supported platforms.

Protection and packages that fit your needs

Use our configurator to customize your cloud backup plan today. 


Introducing Commvault® Cloud

The leading platform for modern data protection, reimagined from the ground-up to solve the challenges of the hybrid world.  

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