It’s Commvault Simple!! IDC Survey Reveals That in 2021, Commvault Customers Drove Efficiency Up and Costs Down

By Tom Broderick

Data is a company’s most critical asset—it helps organizations make money, spend money, and spot inefficiencies in their operations. But how are businesses effectively managing their data today?

The new IDC White Paper, sponsored by Commvault, “Quantifying the Business Value of Commvault Software: Worldwide Customer Survey Analysis,” digs deep into the customer experience with data management using Commvault solutions.

With more than 18 months of uncertainty around world events and business challenges—and more to come—IT right now faces a chaotic landscape with ever-evolving threats like ransomware, obstacles like lack of agility, and the overall need for data resiliency.

We’re diving into a blog series on this survey to uncover customers’ biggest challenges and how they’re leveraging Commvault’s Intelligent Data Services to overcome them. The survey covers 470+ Commvault customers and their struggles to manage and protect data wherever it lives. The 2021 survey updates similar surveys conducted by IDC commissioned by Commvault in 2016 and 2018.

According to the survey, Commvault’s key benefits fall into three categories:

  • Simplification: streamlining data processes through automation and consolidation
  • Risk reduction: Mitigating risk by reducing downtime and data loss, improving recovery speed, and providing litigation support
  • Productivity gains: enabling gains in terms of both tactical operations and strategic planning

This means efficiency, protection, and overall productivity are increased with Commvault. Numbers don’t lie, so let’s look at how that shakes out in our customers’ environments:

  • 50% reduction in annual unplanned downtime
  • 60+% reduction in annual exposure to compliance failures, audit failures, and/or data theft or breach
  • 30% improvement in VM recovery times and 19% improvement in average recovery time for database applications
  • 78% net cost reduction per TB for data management IT staff support
  • More than 80% of surveyed customers said Commvault solutions enabled their organizations to be more agile in adapting to the market conditions of the past year

Commvault customers have been able to thrive in uncertain times due to effective data management, rock-solid protection and recovery—resulting in cost control, among other positive results.

This survey takes a critical look at market drivers for Commvault’s technology and its effectiveness in real-world environments. Stay tuned for the next installment, which will cover the simplicity aspect in detail.

To read the IDC White Paper, visit: IDC: Quantifying the Business Value of Commvault Software Whitepaper