Harness Cloud-Ready Resiliency with Cleanroom Recovery

Utilize a malware free cloud environment with unique capabilities to identify and deliver a rapid and clean recovery.

Continually test recovery, so when it matters most to your business, you are ready to go and can deliver rapid, frictionless, and reliable recovery.

Reduce the complexity and costs of managing on-premises cleanrooms with cleanroom recovery as a service that is continuously testing or recovering data in a safe and controlled environment.

Isolated recovery

Deliver properly segmented recoveries with an isolated recovery control plane.

Guaranteed recovery

Affordable frequent testing delivers clean data and recovery readiness.

Recovery audit

Meet compliance requirements with auditable evidence and proof of success.

Commvault® Cloud Cleanroom™ Recovery

Guaranteed, malware free cloud environment with rapid and clean data recoveries

Safeguard data from infected hardware

Secure recovery with isolated cloud instances with virtually air-gapped storage, safeguarded from malware and threats.

Affordable recovery testing

Instant cloud readiness without costly dedicated infrastructure.

Limitless AI recovery scaling

AI-powered recovery scaling for industry-leading, rapid, and reliable massive data restoration capabilities.

The Collaborative:
The Latest Trends in Cyber Resilience

Cyber readiness is crucial. Gain the latest insights and trends in cyber resilience to protect your organization from evolving threats.

How we do it

Unique capabilities to maintain a malware free cloud environment


Isolated data copies, separate from source environments.

Immutable design 

Backups with multi-layered zero-trust access controls

Built-in automation

Leverage automation and orchestration for easy implementation and simple operations.

Resilient ransomware protection and end-to-end security

Built-in anomaly detection, reporting and encryption of data at-rest and in-flight.

Application recovery validation

Data recoverability through orchestrated application recovery validation. 

Secure forensic analysis 

Perform secure analysis with malware-free hardware in insolated cloud environments.

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