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FedRAMP® High Authorized

Commvault Cloud SaaS-delivered solutions are now a FedRAMP High Authorized data protection offering.

Meeting the Highest Government Standards

Reliable data protection meeting the highest government standards for complete coverage.

Trusted Protection

Built on Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, Commvault meets the US government’s highest confidentiality, integrity, and availability standards for federal agencies.

Total Coverage

Leverage multi-layered security controls, flexible backup and granular restore options, and ultimate scalability from cloud to on-prem for comprehensive coverage across your entire data estate.

Hardened Security

Commvault Cloud for Government is proven to meet the most stringent data security objectives that extend beyond federally mandated security requirements.

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Commvault Cloud FedRAMP® High Authorized

Learn how Commvault is now a Cloud SaaS data protection offering that has earned FedRAMP High authorization for backup recovery.

Commvault Cloud® For Government: Now FedRAMP High

Meeting the highest data security standards for controlled unclassified information (CUI) recognized by US government. FedRAMP High creates a uniform approach to cloud security assessment, authorization, and monitoring.

Unmatched FedRAMP Compliance

Meets the most stringent FedRAMP and Azure GCC High data security controls.

Robust Data Sovereignty Compliance

Meets Required Data Sovereignty access, identification, and incident response controls.

Resilient Data Security

Meets Impact Level 5 DoD Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) requirements.

Featured Customers

US Government Departments use Commvault Cloud powered by Metallic AI

Eliminate loss. Reduce downtime. Keep operations moving. Discover how Commvault’s comprehensive platform helps you secure, defend, and recover data across apps, clouds, and data centers for the lowest TCO.

Department of Treasury

National Institute of Standards and Technologies

Department of Defense

Department of Justice

Department of Homeland Security

Department of Agriculture

FedRAMP High Authorized

Fully compliant with the zero trust architecture data pillar

Our continuously evolving and robust data protection is readily compliant with the latest government zero-trust data security standards. Commvault Cloud’s built-in zero-trust security protocols, advanced cyber deception, comprehensive security services, and controls provide powerful data protection mitigating security risks.

Accelerate Adoption

Accelerate the adoption of cloud computing using transparent standards and processes for security authorizations across the Federal sector.

Common Framework

Eliminates duplicative efforts using a common security framework.

Executive Requirement

Mandatory for all executive agency cloud deployments regardless of impact levels.

Federal Baseline

Baseline for protecting federal information in a cloud environment.

Federal Authorization Approval

Authorization means the completion of a security review process and the resulting authorization from a federal agency to use a cloud-based solution handling government data.

FedRAMP marketplace Recognition

Publication on the marketplace validates and demonstrates Cloud Service Offering security credibility. 


Compare FedRAMP Moderate vs High



The FedRAMP Moderate level includes about 325 cybersecurity controls.

  • Secure cloud collaboration platform for government agencies.
  • Robust student information system for universities with data protection.
  • Compliance-ready data storage system for research institutions.



The high-authorized level involves about 425 cybersecurity controls.

  • Highly secure electronic health record system for healthcare providers.
  • Secure banking platform for financial institutions with data integrity.
  • Critical infrastructure protection with high-security assurance.

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