Connections on the Road 2023 –

Video Descriptions

1. Delivering Business Outcomes with Confidence, Lawrence Ang, Founder and Executive Director, Landz Consulting
As we enter into the new post-pandemic era, we continue to be buffeted by headwinds of doom and gloom. Tech Leaders oftentimes face challenges from Business Stakeholders to support growth strategies with reduced resources, and to protect digital assets from increasing cyber threats. At the same time, there are tailwinds around and across this region that we can catch to proper our vessel if we know when and how to set sail. How can we ride on these tailwinds to deliver business outcomes with confidence? 

2. Protecting the Most Valuable Assets, Simon Piff, Vice President of Security Practice, IDC
The “Digital First” business strategy is where technology changes business models and drives business. Asia Pacific is experiencing significant growth in digital products, services, channels, and digitally-driven operational improvements. However, businesses face challenges in enabling employees to access critical tools for delivering excellent customer experiences, as well as addressing issues around skills shortages, supply-chain concerns, and cybersecurity threats. Even digitally transformed organizations are still vulnerable to data threats. Therefore, ensuring data availability is critical to resilience strategies. This session will explore the impact of data on business success, types of data threats, and propose a fresh approach to data security strategies. 

3. Commvault’s Innovation Roadmap, Daniel Tan, Director, Sales Engineering – Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong & Taiwan​, Commvault
Learn about the future of our Intelligent Data Services and find out how we plan to address data management challenges we hear about from our customers – including multi-cloud resilience, security, and automation.