Commvault Corporate Office, Tinton Fall, NJ

Our People Promise and Values

The freedom to make an impact – together

At Commvault, one purpose guides everything we do:
We unlock potential in data, customers and each other.

To accomplish that, everyone here has the green light to discover, create, nurture and sustain the energy needed to drive innovation and help our customers—by inspiring one another, by imagining what others simply don’t, and by working to make what’s already great, even greater—whether that’s product, process or team.

And when we do, we generate a rare energy that powers our ability to rethink what’s possible
and astonish our customers with truly perpetual innovation.

That’s the freedom to make an impact.

Power your passion

Think: Passion, pride, flow, heart, exploration

  • Be infectious (no really, it’s OK): Whether your style is to dig, dive or jump in, always be all in. Your energy and excitement catches on when you’re “in the zone.”
  • Good morning sunshine: Approach the day with positivity – even on the challenging days. It takes 17 muscles to smile but 42 to frown – so light up the day while preserving energy.
  • High-five: Celebrate successes – your own and those of others.
  • Unplug and recharge: Find meaningful ways to re-energize daily. No one can go full speed all the time. Not even a Vaulter.
  • Be a force: In nurturing our culture, helping those in need and letting the world know what we have to offer. 

Win (and stumble) as a team

Think: Team, collaboration, support, cross-functional, no blaming

  • Play for the front of your jersey: We’re a team. Support each other and achieve as one.
  • Collaborate relentlessly: Unleash the power in others; cross-functional thinking makes us faster and smarter.
  • Row the boat: Grab the oar in front of you and do your part. We go way faster and track straighter with less individual effort when we collaborate.
  • No finger pointing: Find a way forward rather than someone to blame.

Do what matters

Think: Plan, execute, impact, delivery, pragmatism, outcome

  • Get it done: Do what works. Take action. Be tenacious and resilient. Take the bull by the horns or the tiger by the tail or the unicorn by the rainbow or – you get the point.
  • Maintain momentum: Take the fastest path to the best outcome. Have a plan and drive it. Pivot when you need to.
  • Ignore shiny objects: Stay focused on the objective. Identify and avoid distractions.
  • 3 > 10: Three things well done beats 10 things half baked. Prioritize for impact – smarter, simpler, speedier.
  • To lead or not to lead?: YOU are the answer. Everyone can influence and inspire others to make great things happen.

Make the improbable possible

Think: Ambition, curiosity, innovation, invention, solutions, courage

  • Don’t box yourself in: Think outside the box. Look out the box. Put a different box in the box. Innovation is all about different perspectives and ideas colliding.
  • Let imagination fly: Dream big and encourage others to do the same. Don’t shoot down new ideas before they have a chance to soar.
  • Skin your knees: We all fall now and then. Make mistakes and take risks – just be sure you learn from it. Get back up. And get back to it.
  • Turn obstacles into launch pads: Reframe, rethink. Inside every problem lies a marvellous solution waiting to be released. Constraints power purposeful innovation.

Do the right thing

Think: Transparency, accountability, integrity, trust, honesty

  • Trust powers everything: Lead with it and earn it by sticking to your commitments.
  • Some rules aren’t meant to be broke: We do business above board – ONLY! Stay compliant and up to date with what’s required inside Commvault and in your region.
  • Save games for the break room: Transparency, collaboration and authenticity always win out. Except maybe a halo.
  • Tap your inner Gandhi: It starts with YOU. Be the change that you want to see in the world.
  • Listen to your gut: If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

Treat others as they would like to be treated

Think: Respect, inclusiveness, decency, kindness, awareness

  • What makes us different makes us strong: Embrace and watch how great perspectives can come from anyone, any time, anywhere.
  • Seek to understand: Want to be heard? Listen. Ask great questions. Then, share your views and seek to be understood.
  • Bring your personality: … But check your ego at the door. We want you to be YOU!
  • It’s cool to be kind: Hold the door, say please and thank you, lend a helping hand. Being nice never goes out of fashion.
  • Family first: We’ve got you covered. Don’t sweat it if your energy is needed elsewhere.


Our company values convey the foundation of our distinctive culture and is the north star that guides how we get the job done – as individuals and as a team. As Vaulters, we all share a joint ownership and responsibility for nurturing, igniting and evolving these values in how we show up every day with customers, partners, fellow Vaulters … and our competition. We know we are not going to get it right every step of the way, thus so much more reason why we should always aspire to.

Our people’s purpose

Unlock the potential in data, customers and each other