A Revolution in Data Recovery

Cleanroom™ Recovery delivers true cyber resilience across any organization.

Commvault® Cloud Cleanroom Recovery is now available, delivering true organizational resilience and readiness in the face of an evolving, cyber crime–ridden world.

Commvault is revolutionizing cleanroom recovery by making it accessible to all enterprises, not just the largest Fortune 500 companies. With Commvault’s unique offering, organizations can achieve cyber recovery readiness and resilience without the expense of dark site locations and complex infrastructure proliferation.

The spring release of Cleanroom Recovery has expanded our supported technologies. Cleanroom Recovery now supports: VMware, VMware on AWS, VMware on Oracle, VMware on Azure, Hyper-V, Azure VMs, and AWS EC2.

This release showcases the constant focus on expanding the support ecosystem for Cleanroom Recovery. This puts customers at a considerable advantage, giving them the latitude to leverage multiple platforms seamlessly through a single point of management, which is critical in the evolving hybrid cloud landscape.

Amid the unyielding onslaught of cyber breaches, the success of your recovery plan hinges on testing your cyber resilience. Discovering the gaps in your recovery plan enables you to fortify your defenses. 

Cleanroom Recovery is the only offering that makes reliable cyber recovery testing and readiness possible for any organization. It can give you peace of mind by minimizing the risk of malware reinfection and data breaches, leveraging a recovery process powered by a solution designed to address sophisticated cyber threats.

To learn more about how Cleanroom Recovery can help you recover your data from ANY location to a safe, cloud-isolated cleanroom for the strongest and most reliable cyber resilience and readiness, visit Commvault.com/platform/cleanroom-recovery.

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