A-to-Z Data Protection and Recovery

With its fundamental capabilities, Commvault has you covered from start to finish. Discover more about Commvault's ability to help you protect and recover.

Ransomware protection and recovery is a never-ending challenge. Organizations invest in improving their cyber security, and cybercriminals leverage new hacks and tactics to discover and exploit network and system vulnerabilities. It is a continuous game of cyber leapfrog that every organization faces. As these cyberthreats continue to evolve, companies need the right tools to protect their data and ensure that it can be reliably recovered in the event of an attack or system failure. You need a modern data protection solution with built-in security, defense, and rapid recovery to protect against the most advanced threats.

Data Protection Redefined

In today’s digital landscape, cyberthreats have become increasingly sophisticated, and organizations must adopt a proactive approach to data protection. These solutions often only come into play post-impact, after bad actors have compromised data and damage is done. To combat this, organizations must look beyond conventional security tools and take steps to ensure data resiliency. Commvault delivers the right breadth of detection, security, and recovery capabilities to actively secure, defend, and recover data broadly across production and backup environments.

Three Pillars of Data Protection

Commvault’s A-to-Z data protection delivers layered protection across cloud, on-prem, and SaaS workloads. We provide this through our three pillars of data protection: Secure, Defend, and Recover. Securing data with hardened, zero trust, immutable architecture with built-in security protocols to prevent unwanted access and drive compliance in the face of evolving cyberthreats. Defending data with next-generation early warning and in-depth monitoring to surface and neutralize zero-day and insider threats before they cause harm. Recovering data with proactive and reliable recoverability across the industry’s broadest workload coverage, proven to reduce downtime, thwart data loss, and accelerate response times for unrivaled business continuity.

A-to-Z data protection

Creating a secure environment is essential for any organization and having a well-defined plan to protect data is more critical than ever. Commvault provides a wide array of data protection capabilities that safeguard data from internal and external threats. These capabilities provide various benefits to organizations in terms of security, data integrity, and reliability. Improved security measures mean confidential information is kept safe from unauthorized access or malicious attacks. Enhanced data integrity ensures that customer records remain accurate and up to date. Additionally, increased reliability helps organizations maintain compliance with industry regulations. Hardened, secure-by-design protocols include air-gapped backup copies by layering cloud security with restrictive account access and data isolation. Ensure your backup data is immutable with security controls to prevent data from being tampered with, deleted, modified, or altered. In the event of a cyber-attack, if your corporate network becomes infected, air-gapped backup copies will remain isolated, untouched, and available for restoration.

A fast and clean recovery is essential for business continuity. All of your data protection solutions need to follow a multilayered security model and Zero Trust architecture framework to help reduce your attack surface and eliminate any security gaps within your infrastructure.

By using these technologies and taking steps towards creating a secure environment, organizations can stay ahead of the curve when defending against emerging threats and ensure that their systems are always protected against cyberthreats.

From air gap to Zero Trust principles, Commvault has you covered from A-to-Z with the core capabilities of Data secured; Data defended; and Data recovered. With Commvault, you’re ready to protect and recover from ransomware, read our A-to-Z solutions brief and A-to-Z Infographic.

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