Celebrating Autism Awareness Month 

We celebrated Autism Awareness Month with a global event, hosted by our CapAbilities Employee Resource Group.

In honor of World Autism Awareness Month is April, this week Commvault hosted a Courageous Conversation event about Autism awareness.

Our Courageous Conversations are global, virtual events that are a core component of our DE&I strategy. They allow us to connect, support, and inspire each other by having open discussions about topics that are close to our hearts.

This event came at the perfect time – not only was it Autism Awareness Month, but April also marks the one year anniversary of the CapAbilities Employee Resource Group (ERG). I’m proud to be a co-lead of this ERG, whose mission is to raise awareness and break down the bias of workplace issues that affect people with disabilities and/or caregivers of those with a disability. We are creating a safe and empathetic space where people with disabilities, caregivers, and their allies can openly and honestly discuss issues facing them.

Our Courageous Conversation featured guest speaker Oliver Fenghour, Founder and Director of Advance: The Disability Consultants in the UK. Oliver was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism, at the age of 10 and his personal employment experiences empowered him to launch Advance in October of 2019.  

During the event, Oliver talked about what it was like to be diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at age 10 and how it affected not only himself, but his family. He also shared tips he’s learned from his own parents on how to support children if they are diagnosed with autism. Then, Oliver walked us through the different experiences he’s had throughout his career, the environments that helped foster his growth, and the unfortunate ones that hindered him.

What I found incredibly meaningful was our focus on the importance of organizations supporting and developing autistic talent within their workplaces. Creating an inclusive environment is key to our DE&I efforts here at Commvault, and is a core pillar of our CapAbilities ERG’s mission as we work to continuously create a culture of support and belonging.

And while our conversation centered around Autism awareness, it was a great reminder to always be accepting and comfortable making space for anyone who is different from you. As Oliver shared – always ask questions, do not make assumptions, and always be supportive in spreading awareness!

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