Avoid Veritas + Cohesity Chaos

Navigate the uncertainty caused by the Cohesity-Veritas merger with Commvault Cloud – the consistent and innovative cyber resilience solution. Learn why Commvault Cloud is the cure for chaos, providing unparalleled protection and recovery for your data, all in a unified platform.

Ransomware thrives in uncertainty. Resilience suffers. Keeping your business online and fighting through an attack is stressful enough. Uncertainty and chaos should not come from vendors who proport to help maintain resilience.

The latest industry consolidation news with Cohesity announcing its intention to acquire Veritas’ data protection unit is causing uncertainty and doubt for their customers — and for good reason.

Merger Pitfalls for Veritas + Cohesity Customers to Avoid

This merger brings disconnected platforms, with disconnected approaches, and dissonant cultures, to try to address a single problem: maintaining resilience through cyberattacks. With such major redundancies in their product lines the question on customers’ and partners’ minds is, “what gets cut and what stays?”

These deals often require customers to ultimately make changes, whether they like it or not. And change has been constant for many customers. In the last few years there have been multiple changes to Veritas’s platform starting with a switch to a new vendor for SaaS workloads, only to acquire another company later and force yet another change. Customers may also wonder what other changes are in store: What changes will they need to make to their disaster and cyber recovery plans? How will all this impact costs, operational resources, and their ability to be resilient?

The integration process between any two companies is a complex and time-consuming endeavor, likely taking several years to complete. At a time when data has never been more vulnerable to attacks, the transition can be quite chaotic for impacted customers and partners. But it doesn’t have to be.

Commvault Cloud: The cure for chaos

We are biased: we exist to help customers stay online and fight through threats to their business. The cure for this chaos is consistency. Consistent innovation. Consistent focus. Consistent customer success. We have a proven track record that demonstrates our consistent leadership. We’ve been public since 2006, just had our best quarter in history, and we recently introduced a unique cyber resilience platform — Commvault Cloud — that is unlike anything else on the market today. It offers cyber resilience through a single and unified platform with the flexibility to deploy as SaaS or on-premises, all running on the same modern highly scalable and secure codebase.

Our unified architecture is different by design to help future-proof your cyber resilience. We offer the only cyber resilience platform with any-to-any portability, making it possible to protect any data, in any location, and recover it from anywhere to anywhere. The result is unparalleled resilience for the hybrid enterprise.

We also recognize that cyber resilience starts before an attack, and never stops. That’s why we built Commvault Cloud to enable customers to advance their security posture before an attack by understanding the risk of sensitive data, categorizing and remediating those risks, getting an early warning of attacks to minimize the impact, and enabling rapid recovery in the event of an attack.

We’re also revolutionizing cyber recovery with cutting-edge innovations as part of Commvault Cloud, like Cleanroom Recovery. This offering provides a clean, safe environment to perform full-scale recoveries at-scale to enable business resilience in the face of cyberattacks. Equally as important, we enable customers to test their recovery plans, closing the gap between incident response planning and recovery. With Cleanroom Recovery, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is protected, and your operations can swiftly resume, allowing you to focus on what matters most: serving your customers’ needs.

A Connected Ecosystem

Partners are key to Commvault Cloud. Today, we have integrations with all the major cloud service providers, as well as leading GSIs, technology, channel, security, and AI partners. Commvault Cloud gets better as it scales across the partner landscape.

Make the safe bet with Commvault Cloud

When it comes to cyber resilience, there is no time for chaos. Commvault Cloud is the cure for chaos and we’re just getting started. Give us a try today: https://www.commvault.com/free-trial

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