Plant the Seeds of a Strong Data Protection and Recovery Plan this Spring

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Spring is a time of renewal and rejuvenation – when we can finally shed the weight of winter and start anew. As flowers bloom and trees bud, it’s the perfect time to reassess and enhance your data protection and recovery plans.

Like planting a garden, taking stock of what you have and what you need is important. Just as you wouldn’t plant a flower in unsuitable soil or without sufficient water, you wouldn’t secure your data with the wrong tools or without a plan. As the saying goes, “fail to plan, plan to fail.” This is especially true when it comes to safeguarding your organization’s data.

The ramifications of a data breach or loss can be catastrophic, ranging from lost revenue and productivity to reputational damage and legal consequences. Minimizing the impact of such events requires a comprehensive readiness plan to prepare for and respond to potential outages.

Being recovery ready means having the confidence and ability to quickly recover any data across your environment.

Routine maintenance is key

One of the most important aspects of a successful garden is tending to it regularly. The same is true of data protection. You can’t simply set it and forget it. Regularly reviewing and updating your plans will ensure they remain effective and continue to meet your business needs. And with the growing frequency and sophistication of ransomware attacks, conducting regular assessments of your infrastructure and readiness plan has never been more crucial.

Fortunately, having a comprehensive data protection solution supported by expert resources can be a game-changer to help reduce the risk of ransomware and ensure a rapid recovery from an attack. You have the most robust data protection capabilities and access to expert support at every step during your data protection journey with Commvault® Professional Services.

Additionally, having a data protection solution that offers a robust set of continuously updated and expanded features is vital in your review efforts. Implementing a regular maintenance schedule to manage your data protection environment allows you to incorporate and update valuable capabilities. Visit our What’s New Page for Platform Releases to explore our latest features and enhancements.

Be ready for anything

Maintain a state of readiness so you can respond to any data-compromising event. Whether your organization needs more support in designing your ransomware recovery readiness plan, maintaining it, or recovering from an attack, with Commvault Readiness Solutions, you choose the service level that best aligns with your business requirements. Service offerings include:

Ready helps you align Commvault’s technical capabilities with your recovery objectives.

Steady assists you in monitoring and maintaining a state of recovery readiness.

Respond helps accelerate your return to normal business operations in the event of an outage or disaster.

Harvest data protection success

Just as a well-tended garden can bring happiness, a robust data protection and recovery plan can provide peace of mind. So, take advantage of the spring season to plant the seeds of a strong data protection and recovery plan and watch as it grows and flourishes in the months ahead.

Chat with a representative to learn how Commvault can help prepare your ransomware response plan.

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