3 Ingredients for Data Protection Success in 2023

Learn more about Commvault data management and how we provide a comprehensive solution that covers data protection and more.

Good tidings for 2023! The new year affords us the opportunity for a fresh start and perspective. It is also a time to reflect on changes you need and want to make so you don’t repeat them in 2023.

Recipes for Data Protection Success

To make 2023 an impactful year, follow this four-step recipe to escape the high cost of data protection.


  • 1 cup centralized management
  • 2 tablespoons broadest workload protection
  • 3 cups automation


1. Preheat infrastructure to a 360-degree view of your data

With today’s evolving IT environment, you need a way to view your data in its entirety. Often organizations try to manage the complexity of a diverse IT environment with multiple backup tools that add complexity and drive up costs. Additionally, managing multiple interfaces reduces visibility to data, leading to lower productivity and greater risk. Using a single, unified interface to control your entire data environment reduces complexity and simplifies daily operations, freeing your staff to focus on higher-value, more strategic activities.

Commvault helps streamline the management of all your workloads – physical, virtual, on-premises, cloud, and even across multiple clouds – through a single unified interface, the Commvault Command Center™. The centralized management console is a highly customizable web-based user interface for managing all your data protection and disaster recovery initiatives – streamlining your daily data management tasks and saving you precious time.

2. Get out a mixing bowl large enough to fit all your workloads

Protecting your organization’s data is like baking a cake—leave out an ingredient, and the entire recipe can be ruined. But securing today’s diverse technology stack across modern SaaS applications and Kubernetes, and workloads from prior generations doesn’t have to be stressful.

Keep up with an ever-evolving tech stack and ensure no workload is left behind with Commvault. We cover the broadest workload protection from on-premises to the cloud to SaaS applications and provide support for native cloud integration, helping to minimize complexity. With Commvault, customers have peace of mind that as they change and evolve, the data and applications they leverage, old and new, are protected.

Read more about Commvault supported technologies.

3. Measure and add automation

For baking, precise measurements are essential to a successful end product. The same is true for data protection – automation can ensure the accuracy of your processes and eliminate human error from entering the equation. Plus, it reduces the time it takes to complete complex data management tasks, adding more time back on your IT team’s calendar.

Commvault software uses built-in automation, orchestration, and policy-based management to improve your overall IT productivity. Through auto-tiering, automated power management systems and intelligent pattern recognition, and numerous other capabilities, you can maximize productivity and minimize overall IT spend.

4. Bake time: The duration of 2023

The key to a successful recipe, and successful data protection is consistency. With Commvault’s quick prep time, you can easily digest the three ingredients needed to make efficient and cost-effective data protection across your infrastructure.

Nutritional Facts:

The icing on the cake is Commvault data management. We provide a comprehensive solution that covers all data protection ingredients – the depth, breadth, scale, and scope of data management to help reduce operating costs while also meeting data protection SLAs.

For more cost-saving recipes, visit Commvault.com/cut-it-costs

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