Commvault + Microsoft: Delivering Trusted Data Protection Innovations 

Discover how Commvault's next-generation data protection and security capabilities, in collaboration with Microsoft innovations, are helping organizations safeguard their critical data from new and emerging threats.

As a longstanding Microsoft partner, one of the most anticipated events of the year is Microsoft Inspire – happening this week (July 18th – 19th). As cyberthreats, AI, and hybrid cloud environments continue to reshape the current business landscape, there’ll be a significant focus on all things data.

And, also, protecting that data.

Today’s customers face significant data challenges. Organizations are under immense pressure to safeguard their business from internal and external attacks. As risks mount, today’s organizations need trusted technologies and partners with proven solutions they can rely on. Solutions that uniformly protect their data from new and emerging threats. Coverage that layers across data centers, clouds, and beyond – for future-proof protection today and tomorrow.

This need is what’s driven Commvault to deliver next-generation data protection and security capabilities alongside Microsoft innovations.

In fact, in the recently released ESG Study, Analyzing the Economic Benefits of Data Protection with Commvault on Azure, customers share why they trust Commvault and why the Commvault/Microsoft relationship is so important to them. One customer summed it up best when they stated, “With Microsoft and Commvault, changes in the cloud are non-issues for us.” This is why more of your customers than ever before are turning to Commvault to protect their data, providing the confidence they need to accelerate their cloud journey.

Driving Innovations for Today’s Businesses

Constant innovation has fueled the Commvault/Microsoft partnership for over two decades to deliver unique capabilities for a future-proof, ready for anything data protection strategy. As Nathan McAfee, Senior Economic Analyst at ESG, comments “the shared roadmaps between the two organizations provide assurance that, as needs change, the solution will grow to meet expanded data protection requirements.” Or, as another customer stated it so eloquently, “We never have to worry about Commvault or Microsoft going away. We sleep better at night knowing we have these two companies behind our most important asset, our intellectual property (our data).” Here’s just a snapshot of recent data protection innovations:

  • Cloud-native data protection: Modern data protection needs to be agile. Commvault’s cloud-delivered solution (Metallic) offers enterprise-grade data protection with the simplicity of SaaS. Built leveraging the durability and scale of Azure, Commvault delivers award-winning protection and security across data estates without the need for infrastructure expenses, costly overhead, or routine maintenance and upgrades. And as the ONLY data protection provider to achieve FedRAMP High In Process – In PMO Review status, Commvault offers a hardened, multi-layered approach to securing data from advanced threats.
  • Comprehensive Microsoft Cloud coverage: Say goodbye to point solutions. Commvault’s deep breadth of Microsoft Cloud workload coverage offers single-solution protection of your most critical environments. From the data center to the edge, we’re constantly evolving, adding support for new and emerging workloads. This provides customers with simplicity and ease of use – knowing critical data in Microsoft 365 (including GCC High environments), Dynamics 365 (including the Power Platform), and Microsoft Azure (including new Azure PaaS workloads such as ComosDB, MariaDB, SQL, and more) is safe, compliant, and recoverable from a single source.
  • Improved security and response: Data protection should start sooner. Commvault has made significant investments in delivering proactive cybersecurity capabilities that defend data, detect threats, and minimize attacks to reduce the risk of compromised data. Building upon this, we announced new bi-directional integrations with Microsoft Sentinel earlier this summer. This integration increases visibility, automates countermeasures, and accelerates response between systems to amplify cyber response and bring IT and Security teams together. It builds upon our unique data security capabilities, such as ThreatWise™, our patented early warning system that surfaces stealthy and advanced cyber threats in production – before data is compromised.

Leveraging New Microsoft 365 APIs

Announced at this week’s Inspire event are new Syntex innovations in support of Microsoft 365. Among those announcements was Microsoft 365 Backup, which provides highly performant recovery capabilities for large data restores. We’re excited to be an early member of the associated Partner Program and integrate these capabilities into our award-winning Metallic offering, as we help businesses of every size to keep their critical data safe, compliant, and recoverable from threats.

We look forward to sharing more details in the weeks to come as we leverage these new capabilities to further enhance Commvault’s Microsoft 365 Backup data protection solution. In the meantime:

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