From Regulations to Resilience: DORA Compliance with Commvault Cloud

Navigate the complexities of DORA compliance with confidence using Commvault Cloud. Explore how our comprehensive solution aligns with Articles 5 to 30, addressing cyber resilience, encryption policies, disaster recovery, threat detection, and more.

With an early 2025 enforcement deadline, tens of thousands of financial entities within the European Union — spanning traditional banks, credit institutions, payment service providers, third-party ICT service entities, and others—are quickly navigating the intricate landscape of compliance mandated by the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA). Entities outside the EU in the financial and Information Communication Technologies (ICT) sectors must also toe the line with DORA if they provide crucial ICT services to EU-based financial entities.

Failure to comply can mean substantial penalties and the looming specter of criminal charges. According to DORA regulations, ICT service providers may incur significant criminal and/or administrative fines which are yet to be laid out by EU Member States. For colossal enterprises with global turnovers reaching billions of dollars, such fines could escalate to tens or even hundreds of millions.

DORA and Commvault Cloud

As the narrative unfolds, it becomes increasingly clear: Cyber resilience has never been more critical. Commvault® Cloud can help close gaps and fortify defenses, ensuring readiness for this era of stringent compliance.

Commvault Cloud is a comprehensive solution, seamlessly helping financial entities align with the detailed requirements outlined in Articles 5 to 16. The product’s zero trust architecture and robust encryption policies safeguard financial entities’ backups. The automated disaster and cyber recovery features with AI-driven insights aim to address ICT risks efficiently while offering a tangible advantage in the implementation of digital operational resilience testing.

DORA Article 10 emphasizes the need to “test the ICT business continuity plans and the ICT response and recovery plans in relation to ICT systems supporting all functions at least yearly.” Commvault Cloud’s Cleanroom Recovery solution paired with automated disaster and cyber recovery at scale takes center stage. The solution helps financial entities swiftly navigate potential disruptions, aligning with DORA’s call for quick resolution.

Prompt detection of anomalous activity

DORA directs financial entities to detect anomalous activity promptly in Article 9. Financial entities can use Commvault Cloud Risk Analysis to identify, monitor, and remediate sensitive files. Commvault Cloud Threat Scan and proactive anomaly detection can help enhance their ability to promptly identify and respond to abnormal occurrences in workloads.

Moving to ICT-related incident reporting as outlined in Articles 17 to 23, Commvault Cloud takes center stage by recording all incidents and significant cyber threats, sending valuable logging information about backups and unusual activity. Through integration with SIEM tools like Palo Alto, Splunk, and Sentinel, and by using SIEM connectors, Syslog, Webhook, and API options, Commvault Cloud streamlines reporting on incidents, providing early warning indicators and intelligence that enhance the promptness and quality of response. This is further enhanced with immediate mitigation recommendations. The product’s capabilities extend to support comprehensive digital operational resilience testing requirements outlined in Articles 24 to 27. It offers network security assessments by gathering insights from deceptive network intelligence decoys on the network and Cleanroom Recovery solution for periodic testing and cyber forensics. This versatility positions Commvault Cloud as an asset in fortifying financial entities against potential cyber threats.

Managing third-party risk

When it comes to managing ICT third-party risk outlined in Articles 28 to 30, Commvault Cloud shines with its ability to orchestrate workload migration between clouds and on-premises environments. This option helps continuity in ICT services even in the face of disruptions from third-party providers. The product’s early warning capabilities further prove invaluable in detecting potential supply chain attacks or suspicious activities that may arise from ICT third-party service providers.

Cyber resilience and compliance

Commvault Cloud addresses many of the requirements outlined in DORA regulations while going above and beyond to provide a holistic solution for cyber resilience. Its integration with SIEM tools, AI-driven insights, disaster recovery capabilities, along with the supplementary use of Commvault Cloud Threat Scan, Commvault Cloud Risk Analysis, proactive anomaly detection, and Cleanroom Recovery, position it as a key ally for financial entities navigating the complex terrain of DORA compliance.

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