Exploring the Potential of AI in the Enterprise

Businesses must balance enhanced productivity with security concerns.

In the latest episode of The Resilience Rundown podcast, host Thomas Bryant sits down with Vidya Shankaran, the field CTO of emerging technologies at Commvault, to delve into the world of artificial intelligence (AI). Thomas and Vidya talk about the potential of AI in various industries, the challenges it presents, and its impact on data protection and cyber resilience.

The Excitement and Potential of AI

AI has tremendous potential in today’s world, ranging from healthcare to security, according to Vidya. AI has become an integral part of our lives, with applications like Siri on our phones. From an enterprise perspective, there is still untapped potential due to concerns around security. However, the excitement surrounding AI and its ability to enhance productivity and innovation is palpable.

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The Dark Side of AI

While AI offers numerous benefits, there is also a dark side that needs to be acknowledged. Vidya emphasizes the importance of data quality in AI models, as “garbage in, garbage out.” If the data fed to AI is flawed or biased, it can lead to inaccurate results. Additionally, there are concerns about the echo chamber effect and the challenge of striking the right balance between innovation and data security.

The Concept of Data Firewalls

One intriguing solution to address the challenges of AI is the concept of data firewalls. Vidya explains that data firewalls focus on setting system prompts to prevent users from accessing sensitive information. These firewalls aim to cover all possible permutations and combinations to ensure data security. Vidya shares examples of bypassing system prompts and emphasizes the need for continuous improvement in modeling and laying out firewall rules.

Causal AI and its Impact on Data Protection

Vidya discusses the role of AI in data protection and cyber resilience. Commvault has leveraged predictive AI since 2016, and the next step is integrating with general AI capabilities. The evolution toward causal AI allows for a deeper understanding of customer-specific issues and root-cause analysis. This enables tailored troubleshooting and live issue resolution, reducing downtime and improving operational efficiency.

AI Brings Both Promise and Peril

Vidya and Thomas’ conversation provides valuable insights into the exciting and concerning aspects of AI in the enterprise space, highlighting the potential of AI in various industries while acknowledging the challenges. The concept of data firewalls and the evolution toward causal AI offer promising solutions for data protection and cyber resilience. As AI continues to evolve, it is crucial for businesses to strike the right balance between innovation and security to harness its full potential.

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