Why Microsoft 365 Backup Should Be Part of Your Data Protection Strategy

Learn more about how Commvault offers Microsoft 365 data protection through both Commvault Complete Data Protection and Metallic SaaS Backup.

Microsoft 365 is an essential component of today’s enterprise data environment. Still, many organizations fail to include it in their data protection plan. This is partly due to the misconception that cloud service providers are responsible for both administering the solution and protecting the data created and stored within it. However, this is not the case.

Your data, your responsibility

Microsoft provides a highly resilient platform and goes to great lengths to secure data residing within its application. However, like many cloud service providers, they follow what is known as the shared responsibility model, where they are responsible for maintaining the uptime, availability, and access to the solution, while the customer is responsible for protecting the data created and stored within that solution. And now, more than ever, your Microsoft 365 data must be protected and recoverable in the face of emerging threats.

It’s no secret that cyberattacks are on the rise, and SaaS applications are not immune. And there are other potential risks for the data beyond the risks of ransomware. Accidental deletion of data, network vulnerabilities, and internal breaches are all causes of data loss in SaaS applications.

Protection measures to prevent data loss go beyond understanding the shared responsibility model. They require purpose-built tools to help you safeguard your data from today’s threats.

You need dedicated data protection and recovery

While Microsoft offers native controls for data replication, today’s businesses need long-term retention, data separation, and tools for SLA compliance and recoverability. You need a dedicated third-party backup solution that offers the essential capabilities needed to protect and secure your data.

Here are just a few components where protection from third-party backup extends beyond native capabilities to provide advanced protection from today’s threats:

  • Data Isolation
  • Extended Retention
  • Flexible Restore
  • SLA Compliance

Commvault enhances Microsoft 365 data protection

Whether you are an existing Commvault customer or looking to use Commvault in the future, we offer Microsoft 365 data protection through both Commvault Complete Data Protection and Metallic SaaS Backup, meaning you get to choose what works best for your unique business requirements.

Are you looking for a SaaS-delivered solution with rapid deployments, unlimited storage and retention included, and no additional infrastructure required? Then Metallic for Microsoft 365 is the best fit.

Looking for on-premises data protection or want to leverage your own infrastructure? Do you have specific needs for long-term retention or migration between on-premises Exchange and Microsoft 365?  Then look to on-premises protection through Commvault Complete Data Protection for Microsoft 365.

To learn more about how Commvault enhances Microsoft 365 data protection, please visit commvault.com/microsoft-365.

Learn more about Microsoft’s Shared Responsibility.

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