My Experience as Senior Director, Partner Management, at Commvault

I’m honored to share more about my experience and career journey.

What attracted you to working at Commvault? 

Commvault’s vision and strategic direction was particularly appealing, especially with the introduction of our SaaS offering, now our Commvault Cloud platform! I’m passionate about incubating new businesses and the opportunity to spearhead Hyperscaler partnerships aligned perfectly with my interests and expertise. It was truly a perfect match for me!

What’s your favorite thing about working at Commvault? 

Oh easy – my team! I have the privilege of working with an incredibly resilient and fun group of individuals. They consistently go above and beyond to make a meaningful impact for our partners, constantly ensuring that Commvault remains at the forefront of the race.

What inspires you every day through your current role?

Being able to make a tangible difference is what truly inspires me. I perceive my role in the channel as a crucial force amidst the company’s transformative shift to cyber resilience. From forging partnerships with influencers to Alliances and GSIs, as well as our traditional channel partners, we’re building an ecosystem poised to deliver the most comprehensive cyber recovery solution in the market. This opportunity to shape and innovate within our industry truly motivates me every day.

How do you feel supported as a woman at Commvault?

Commvault values diversity and provides equal opportunities for career advancement, regardless of gender. I feel respected and valued for my contributions, and there is a true sense of belonging within the organization. I mentor women inside and outside our organization to provide guidance, advice and support, and I act as a sponsor and advocate for their career advancement and visibility.

What do our values – we connect, inspire, care, and deliver – mean to you? 

I’m constantly connecting when building relationships with my team, fellow Vaulters and our partners as well. It is key to create a sense of community and collaboration within the channel ecosystem, build trust with open communication and create meaningful connections that drive success. As leaders, it is so important for us to inspire others by setting a positive example and creating an environment where innovation, creativity and diverse ideas are encouraged.

Caring means demonstrating genuine concern for the wellbeing and success of our team members, partners and customers. It involves actively listening to their needs, and providing support and outcomes that benefit all parties. By prioritizing empathy, respect and integrity, we build trust and loyalty within our channel ecosystem.

Finally, our industry is rapidly evolving, and it is important to transform the company while delivering on the commitments to our partners and customers. So, perform while you transform is the norm!

What is the best career advice you’ve received throughout your career? 

A few come to mind … Find a mentor. Seek support and guidance. Create and build your network.

What are you passionate about outside of Commvault? 

Mentoring is something I feel incredibly passionate about. I was lucky and privileged to have great mentors throughout my career journey, and I believe in the importance of paying it forward. Mentoring has allowed me to share my experience, learnings and skills, and if I can make even a slight positive impact on the growth and development of others, I’m fulfilled.

On a more personal note, I’ve recently incorporated cooking into my repertoire. I’ve developed a passion for experimenting and creating new dishes, though I must admit, success isn’t always guaranteed!

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