Prioritizing Women’s Wellness

In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, we’re sharing how we’re supporting the women of Commvault with specific wellness offerings.

Here at Commvault, wellness continues to be a top priority across our global Vaulter community. As I shared earlier this year, caring for our wellbeing allows us to be our best selves both at home and at work!

Over the years, we’ve continued to evolve our wellness offerings to best support our Vaulters and their families with programs they need for life’s most important moments and stages. Our priority has been, and always will be, to provide inclusive support for our employees and their families. Having this type of support and the right wellness resources allows our Vaulters to thrive.

So, in honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, I want to talk about how we’re supporting the women of Commvault with specific wellness offerings this month and beyond!

On International Women’s Day, our Women in Technology Employee Resource Group hosted a women’s wellness event in our Australia office, which was also available to all our Vaulters for virtual participation. The event featured guest speaker Annerie Feldman, a Sydney-based health and wellness coach. Annerie spoke about the challenges women often face that impact their wellness, and how women can overcome these obstacles to feel empowered and confident through prioritizing self-care and gaining control of one’s wellness.

Additionally, our India team has organized a breast cancer detection and awareness initiative for our female Vaulters this month. In partnership with Enable India, a non-profit organization working for economic independence and dignity of persons with disability, our Vaulters will have the opportunity to learn more about the importance of breast cancer detection and make connections with Enable India’s knowledgeable female representatives who are visually impaired.

Beyond our March celebratory and awareness events, we also offer a variety of wellness benefits for our U.S. Vaulters, such as family planning, fertility benefits, caregiving, and more. Our family-building partner, Maven, is available to all our U.S. Vaulters. Maven provides access to top-rated fertility, maternity, pediatric, and menopausal care, and offers around-the-clock access to providers who specialize in family-building, a dedicated team of Care Advocates, and an extensive library of clinically validated educational resources. Our Maven partnership also allows us to provide reimbursement opportunities for Vaulters raising their families through adoption or a surrogacy parenting arrangement.

In addition to Maven, we offer support with Fertility Solutions through our U.S. medical partner, UnitedHealthcare. This offering provides guidance and compassionate support to help navigate complex treatment decisions, reduce financial and emotional stress, and reach pregnancy goals with lower medical costs.

We know our Vaulters and their families can face challenges when navigating child, elder, and pet care, so we’ve also partnered with Bright Horizons to help our U.S. Vaulters manage their day-to-day life efficiently and safely by finding care when they need it, both at high-quality centers and in-home.

We are proud to foster a workplace where all our teams feel their wellbeing is prioritized. Offering specific resources for our female Vaulters is crucial in fostering our inclusive culture and diverse workforce. At the end the day, caring for our wellness is crucial to allowing us to deliver for ourselves and others!

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