The Cyber-Resilient Organization: Maximum Preparedness with Bulletproof Recovery

Enhance your organization’s cyber resilience posture with insights from senior IT and security professionals across the globe.

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It’s the biggest threat companies face today: AI-driven ransomware and cyberattacks that hold companies hostage and even attack backups. It takes AI to fight AI, and this IDC whitepaper will show you how you can use to enhance detection, accelerate response times, and become more cyber resilient across your business. 

This involves not only establishing defenses but also adopting a proactive and robust approach to preparedness and recovery. 

IDC conducted a survey of over 500 IT and security professionals to gather insights on cyber resilience. Their findings, based on input from knowledgeable IT and security executives, have been condensed into a white paper that outlines key considerations and best practices for preparing and recovering from threats.

Download the in-depth white paper to discover:

  • How organizations are approaching cyber-resilience across ITOps and SecOps
  • Common gaps in cyber-response strategies
  • Best practices from senior IT and security professionals across the globe

Phil Goodwin,
Research Vice President, Infrastructure systems, Platforms and Technologies Group, IDC

Download the IDC whitepaper