New Study: The Economics of Cyber Resilience

New research from ESG demonstrates that cyber resilience is about more than security and can have a powerful impact on a company’s bottom line. And that a cloud-based solution like Commvault® Cloud can not only guarantee long-term data resilience and security, but also help companies, like yours, achieve long-term goals.

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Download the ESG Impact Study:

In today’s hybrid enterprise, data is everywhere, making it more vulnerable to cyber threats and creating a dire need for a cyber resilience platform that works across different data sources and storage methods. However, many companies find themselves making hasty decisions due to budget, time, or expertise constraints. This often results in a mishmash of solutions, each addressing a specific aspect of the problem. 

ESG analyzed Commvault® Cloud, powered by Metallic® AI and interviewed current Commvault customers, to understand the ability to reach IT and business goals. 

Based on a series of interviews with current Commvault customers, ESG was able to model the potential financial benefits of using the Commvault platform in these three areas:

  • Cost efficiency—reduced IT footprint, reduction in testing, and increased FTE efficiency
  • Increased agility—reduced complexity, better workload coverage, environmental sustainability, instant scalability, recoverability, and supportability
  • Reduced risk—hardened security posture, reduced risk of ransomware, reduced complexity, ThreatWise, security scorecard, accelerating operating system and application modernization and protecting data from internal deletion

*The ESG report highlights the benefits of Commvault Cloud and how it can help deliver cyber resilience, security, and sustainability goals for your organization.