SaaS Data Protection

SaaS data protection offers organizations tools to manage and safeguard critical SaaS apps, endpoints, and hybrid cloud environments from data loss threats such as corruption, accidental deletion, and malicious attack.

SaaS data protection definition

SaaS data protection offers organizations tools to manage and safeguard critical SaaS apps, endpoints, and hybrid cloud environments from data loss threats such as corruption, accidental deletion, and malicious attack. Compared to traditional solutions, SaaS backup solutions or SaaS backup software delivers comprehensive coverage in the cloud, enabling businesses to keep data safe and recoverable, with simplified management, frictionless deployments, and zero hardware expenses.

Other elements include data compliance measures and data privacy, which are critical factors in SaaS backup solutions. SaaS data protection solutions can also incorporate specific data security controls, policies, and procedures to further protect and insulate data from unauthorized access or misuse.

What is SaaS data protection?

Proper SaaS data protection helps businesses to assure that data is secure and can be rapidly restored (with full-fidelity) to prevent data loss, whatever the cause. This helps minimize operational downtime while also reducing damage caused by lost or irretrievable data, especially in the event of security breaches. SaaS data protection solutions can also ensure data remains accessible for authorized users and is also compliant with relevant regulatory requirements according to both government and industry standards.

True SaaS data protection extends beyond mere data availability and usability to include data immutability and preservation. As data footprints extend into new applications, devices, on-prem, and cloud environments, industry-leading SaaS data protection solutions seamlessly scale with your business to combat data loss and corruption via cyberattacks, human error, and oversight wherever your data lives.

How does SaaS data protection work?

SaaS data protection provides solutions for elevated data security and control to help admins and IT professionals deliver organizational continuity and resilience. This is often done through a third-party solution or service that keeps data retained, secure, and recoverable, especially for companies that are unable to invest in a full in-house team to oversee the protective effort.

By safeguarding, managing, and allowing for high availability of data under all circumstances, SaaS backup software automates data backup processes. SaaS data protection solutions are built in the cloud and preserve data copies outside of source environments. This allows organizations to decouple SaaS backup software and recovery operations from the systems and applications they protect.

By storing data in air-gapped, immutable, and highly available locations, SaaS backup solution solutions preserve data copies, in a separate security domain, which cannot be deleted, tampered, or altered. This means ransomware attacks, malicious insiders, or accidental deletion events which impact a business’ production data, cannot also spread to their SaaS backup software. Complimented with rapid and granular recovery tools, IT admins can quickly restore specific data sets, versions, or whole environments—all at scale.

Why is SaaS data protection important?

Data is everywhere. For any company that lacks proper protection of their SaaS apps, endpoints, or hybrid cloud environments, there is an ever-present risk of data loss or attack—which can cause long-lasting or even permanent damage to the business. Data loss can come in many shapes and sizes, from human error and accidental deletion to network corruption and evolving ransomware attacks. Organizations must find a way to comprehensively protect their data from a growing variety of threats, leading many businesses to adopt SaaS data protection to safeguard their critical assets – while driving operational efficiencies.

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Benefits of SaaS data protection

SaaS data protection helps organizations across multiple fronts. This includes:

  • Rapid implementation – Organizations can have SaaS data protection implemented within minutes, without any time-intensive and or costly upfront investments. Businesses get easy, push button deployments and zero hardware requirements.

  • On-demand and scalable resourcing – Organizations can dynamically scale their coverage to protect new users, workloads, or environments on the fly. This allows businesses to support ever-changing business needs without cumbersome licensing, performance, or maintenance challenges.

  • Streamlined upgrades and maintenance – The SaaS data protection providers offer streamlined maintenance and oversight. Automatic upgrades and maintenance are built in, reducing the burden of administering SaaS backup solutions.

  • Optimized infrastructure and lower budget costs – Organizations can avoid paying for in-house hardware and software licenses that can otherwise stretch on for years. Overseeing SaaS data protection via SaaS backup software is also simplified, helping free IT resources to focus on other areas of the business. This allows even small- and medium-sized organizations to engage enterprise-level applications that would be costly for them to implement

Common use cases for SaaS data protection

SaaS data protection providers are responsible for all hosting, infrastructure, and availability elements of the solutions they offer. Businesses don’t have to worry about complicated configurations, maintenance, upgrades, or patches. And while businesses enjoy administration simplicity with SaaS backup software, they still have full autonomy over backup plans, recovery operations, and data retention limits. This enables users to tailor the platform on an individual basis, determine access and authorization based on best practices, and apply standards organization-wide to adhere to internal or external requirements.

SaaS backup solutions also boost organizational continuity by employing leading security controls, making that make it easier to recover from data loss events. The type of data protected can include:

  • Intellectual property
  • Critical assets
  • Trade secrets
  • Data privacy
  • Compliance standards

To get the most out of a chosen SaaS data protection service or SaaS backup software, organizations should look for one that provides:

  • Optimal visibility – Allow for the accurate and rapid monitoring of sensitive data everywhere within a network environment to react to internal and external threats, such as data breach attempts.

  • Broad protection – Establish single-pane-of-glass management across the entire data estate, with a simplified view and support for all workloads. This is essential for removing data silos and not relying on a niche, point, or fragmented solution.

  • Rapid innovation – Engage a solution that continues to invest in new tools, capabilities, and security measures that adapt to evolving landscapes. Any viable SaaS backup solution must keep up with shifting demands, new user expectations, and emerging environments/workloads.

Does Commvault offer SaaS data protection?

With Commvault, organizations are empowered with the ability to stop data loss before it gets to an irrecoverable state or causes irreparable damage to the company brand and customer trust. Commvault empowers companies of every size and in every industry to keep business-critical data safe, compliant, and recoverable in the face of new and emerging threats.

Commvault provides the best of enterprise-grade SaaS backup solutions and recovery options with the ease and simplicity of the cloud. Proven, hardened, and multi-layered security provides trusted performance to protect and recover data fast, even in the most unexpected emergencies, while push-button deployments, in-app upgrades maintenance, and zero hardware expenses offer streamlined maintenance and admin oversight.

Commvault delivers SaaS data protection that organizations can trust, utilizing Commvault industry-trusted IP, alongside the durability, security and scale of the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This delivers innovative, cloud-native solutions with proven data security to help businesses protect their SaaS data via a single solution. Benefits include:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Commvault data management and SaaS data protection breaks down siloed environments. Built with the best of Azure PaaS and native services, Commvault delivers the coverage, security, and scale to empower businesses of all sizes to tackle their biggest (and most sensitive) data protection and management challenges. With comprehensive coverage across SaaS applications (like Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365) and hybrid cloud workloads running in Azure (like SAP HANA, Oracle, Kubernetes, and more), Commvault offers comprehensive coverage that the modern business needs to both survive and thrive.

  • Rapid Recovery Controls: Not all solutions are created as equal. Commvault gives users unrivaled control to quickly restore data with full fidelity back to a specific location or points-in-time. Users can immediately search to locate relevant data sets, roll specific items or entire applications back to previous versions, helping IT teams recover data rapidly in the event of a successful breach or attack.

  • Industry-Leading Security: Effective data protection must be laid on a strong foundation. Commvault is built on hardened security, providing a multi-layered approach to security. All data backup copies are isolated from source environments, data is encrypted at-flight and at-rest, and zero-trust user access controls prevent unwarranted access to systems and data.

  • Complete Compliance: Commvault also meets the most stringent confidentiality, integrity, and availability standards available, while maintaining ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type II, and GDPR compliance. It’s also the only data protection solution to achieve FedRAMP High In Process - In PMO Review, capable of protecting data living in Azure Government Cloud and Microsoft GCC/GCC High environments.

  • Advanced Ransomware Detection: Ransomware response starts with early detection and is most effective with rapid response initiatives in place. With Commvault, users get intuitive tools and advanced insights to spot risks in real-time and limit exposure to ongoing cyberthreats, no matter how those evolve in the future. It empowers IT admins to bolster their security posture across Microsoft 365, endpoint, and hybrid cloud backup environments while making more informed recovery decisions to limit the impact of a successful breach.

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