Heading to Commvault GO? – Start the Week off Right with Partner Xchange 2019!

You are the data protection experts! You provide your expertise and services to help customers buy, configure, design, build and support a data-readiness environment. Leading into Commvault GO, Partner Xchange will prepare you to transform your business and take selling to the next level. We will provide you with tools, training and knowledge you need to be MORE THAN READY. For customers. For transformation. For growth. For anything.

We’ve got an exciting lineup of speakers who won’t just preach to you about Commvault but will share strategies to help you be more competitive, increase customer demand, shorten the selling cycle and drive more business.

Partner Xchange 2019 Agenda

Oct. 14, 2019

11:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.
Partner Xchange Welcome and Networking Luncheon

Join your peers for delicious food and even better conversations. Connect with other partners to share your success stories or most provocative challenges. Consider engaging in “Six Degrees of Separation” to find which friends and colleagues you have in common!

1 – 3:45 p.m.
Business & Technology Breakout Sessions
Choosing the right data protection solution arms you – and your customers – for success

You are on the frontlines with customers, and you have a choice in which solution you position to meet business and technical needs. It’s important you have the tools you need to be confident in recommending Commvault® software, ensuring customer satisfaction, and your success.

Attend this 45-minute session to learn how our robust functionality, ease-of-use, and scalability separates Commvault from our competitors; discover how to leverage the Commvault Partner Portal to build your arsenal; and find where to get help when you need it.

Transform your selling strategies for growth

Gain greater business value and faster returns, not once, but again and again.

This 45-minute session will give you front-row insight into customer-driven selling strategies, business incentive programs, and demand generation and digital marketing tools you need to outpace your competition, increase customer loyalty and create incremental opportunities to grow your business.

Delivering real customer outcomes & results, Commvault & HPE together drive opportunity for partners

Commvault and HPE deliver joint solutions that help partners create value for customers and drive new revenue. In this session, you’ll hear about key customer wins and the successful sales approaches that were used to secure the deals. Combining industry leaders in the hardware infrastructure and backup and recovery spaces will give you confidence to beat the competition and deliver real business outcomes that meet customer needs.

Finally, in this 45-minutes session, learn how the HPE Complete program helps simplify the purchase and delivery of the joint solutions.

Powering data-driven success for your customers, with NetApp and Commvault

‘Data driven’ is today’s business mantra. Yet most organizations struggle with data related performance, availability, protection and governance. As technology solution providers, helping your customers deal with these challenges presents a fantastic business opportunity, and no pairing is better placed to solve these issues than NetApp and Commvault.

In this 45-minute session, you’ll learn why combining NetApp and Commvault early in your sales cycle will help your customers strip-out a huge layer of complexity where data is concerned. This means they can freely adopt the modernizing technologies they need to leverage today’s fast pace of change, and not fear it.

Enabling the NextGen Cisco Platform with Commvault

Your customers demand cloud like flexibility and agility across the “everywhere” data center with the ability to scale as needed, with high performance across all of it. Cisco provides the backbone to make this happen, bringing hyperconverged and multi-cloud into all levels of your customers’ operations. Cisco and Commvault make sure that you stay in control of these multi-cloud discussions and the Refresh with Purpose journey. This creates a compelling conversation that sets the Cisco/Commvault integrated solution apart, while creating higher profit opportunities for you.

This 45-minute session provides the talking points and tools you needs to confidently capitalize now.

Accelerating hybrid cloud with Commvault + Microsoft

Optimizing Azure integration is key to infrastructure modernization, and the Microsoft + Commvault approach helps your customers move/migrate to the cloud faster with added confidence. Commvault® software enhances Azure by accelerating the migration of mission critical and complex workloads, while managing & protecting them with industry-leading heterogeneous solutions.

This 45-minute session shares Commvault’s powerful “embrace & enhance” philosophy with Microsoft and Azure, so that your customers accelerate their transformation, providing you with more opportunities.

4 – 5 p.m. Partner Xchange Executive Keynote, Panel
Discussion and Q&A